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The Untapped Potential of Social Media in WWE: A Cathy Kelley Insight

Being a professional wrestling journalist, one tends to recognize the manifold methods of developing intriguing narratives in the pro-wrestling world. A fresh player in the field, thanks to the technological leap, is social media. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others, the reception of the WWE product has evolved significantly. And no one sees the potential of this medium more clearly than Cathy Kelley – a personality who believes WWE should venture further into the labyrinth of social media.

This WWE correspondent once shared her insight during a heartfelt dialogue with Ryan Satin on ‘Out Of Character’. As a digital enthusiast, Kelley saw a sea of untold narratives that could potentially be unraveled beyond the conventional hours of TV airtime. She even hinted at the competent storytelling potential of platforms like TikTok- an unexpected path that might work wonders.

Cathy Kelley, currently donning the hat of a backstage announcer for WWE, still detects an unutilized gold mine on social media. With WWE’s omnipresence on various platforms and fanatics continually browsing the feeds, she argues that this avenue could indeed prove fruitful.

In her discussion with Satin, she expressed her conviction that WWE’s storytelling could thrive through the medium of “digital exclusives.” While she applauded WWE’s adept utilization of Twitter and other social platforms to orchestrate matches and spark rivalries, she hinted at an exploitable side yet to be discovered.

Evidence of success through strategic social media use isn’t scarce. Wrestlers like MJF, Matt Cardona, and Karrion Kross have verified the effectiveness of these platforms in establishing their characters and bonding with fans. All of this points to the feasibility of Cathy Kelley’s proposition.

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