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Corey Graves Unveils Vince McMahon’s Unique Style of Management in WWE

WWE commentator Corey Graves recently shed light on his unique WWE experience, offering a glimpse into the working style of the company’s top brass, including Vince McMahon. Known for his perfectionist tendencies and unpredictable demeanor, McMahon left quite an impression on Graves, which he revealed during an appearance on The Kurt Angle Show.

Graves’ WWE journey is nothing short of diverse, transitioning from a professional wrestler to taking up commentary duties on RAW. One particular incident stands out in his memory, where McMahon’s startling approach led to a moment of near-uncertainty for Graves himself. Despite the demanding work environment at WWE, Corey managed to excel in his responsibilities and maintain his jobs – a fact he credits to his ability to adapt and work on the fly.

According to Graves, during a raw commentary job in Chicago about 4 or 5 years ago, Michael Cole and he had scripted to say ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ respectively. However, after Cole referred holiday makers with ‘Happy Holidays,’ McMahon quickly corrected him demanding ‘Merry Christmas’ instead. Graves initially feared termination, only to later realize that it was just part of McMahon’s playful, yet startling, management style.

Graves said, “I was terrified. My heart skipped a few beats there, but you never know. I mean Kurt, you know him well enough. Sometimes when Vince wanted to mess with you, you would never know.”

While McMahon is known for his stern style of managing things, he also has a lighthearted side. Graves further added, “Then he comes on and goes, ‘Aha, that was good. Thanks, guys.’ It’s good the things that came through the headset over the years.”

Looking back, Graves appreciates the exciting, if not terrifying, experiences in his WWE career. His ability to adapt and evolve under the relentless tutelage of Vince McMahon has proved to be crucial during his run. Presently, Triple H has taken over the reigns of WWE’s creative direction from McMahon, making the environment as unpredictable as ever.

What are your thoughts about Corey Graves’ revelations on Vince McMahon’s unpredictable management style? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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