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Disappearance of Released Wrestler Elias’ Music from Spotify raises Fans’ Eyebrows

Major waves have been made in the world of professional wrestling following the release of Elias, once known as “The Drifter,” from WWE. His departure, part of the company’s latest round of contract terminations, came across as a shock to many within the industry, considering how heavily WWE had leaned into his unique musical talents.

As an acclaimed wrestling news reporter, I can attest that Elias was no fleeting character in WWE. His transition from the role of The Drifter on WWE’s main roster heralded interesting angles for the superstar. Unfortunately, his storyline involving his Ezekiel ‘brother’ proved complicated leading to a damaged career, and his once-regular TV appearances came to a screeching halt. As Ringside News exclusively reported in August, the very mention of Elias had become a rarity.

Additionally, there’s another interesting development relating to the former WWE superstar. Since his unexpected release, Elias’ music, which used to be appreciated by a wide sector of WWE fans, has puzzlingly disappeared from Spotify. The quick action taken by WWE in pulling down his tracks from the popular streaming platform points towards a possible discontinuation in the promotion of Elias’ music, even on Spotify.

Considering the quality of Elias’ compositions offered on Spotify, this move is somewhat disheartening. It’s noteworthy to mention that fans have taken it upon themselves to keep his music alive by uploading tracks on YouTube and similar platforms. However, the longevity of these uploads are questionable.

The future holds many questions for Elias. As a beloved pro-wrestler, his next career move is eagerly awaited by fans. There’s a strong chance that he might have to re-record some music to keep his musical wrestling persona alive. Nonetheless, there’s one thing we need not doubt – his dedicated fans, who are longing to see The Drifter in action once again.

As the dust settles on this latest twist in Elias’ career, what are your thoughts on WWE’s decision to remove his music from Spotify? Do sound off with your opinions in the comments section below.

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