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Ex-WWE Writer Details What’s Both Good & Bad About Vince McMahon’s Return To Power

Vince McMahon had stepped away from the company he had built after taking it over from his father and changing it to its core. And what more, he built an empire and changed the landscape of what professional wrestling was. He took the company public at the turn of the century and since then, WWE has grown to be one of the largest companies in the world.

Of course we thought he was stepping away for good when he did, he taking to Twitter during the summer, at the time stating that at 77 it was time to step away. He of course was in fact forced to step away because of allegations of misappropriation of funds and sexual misconduct…issues that haven’t at all yet been settled as of this writing.

But yet it was an earth shattering piece of news that he would be returning. This started as mere rumors that circulate for weeks and finally it was announced that yes, this was for real and he would be coming back.

via The Pat McAfee Show /YouTube

There are a bunch of ramifications that occurred because of this…including rumors of his return being orchestrated by none other than himself for the sole purpose of making a sale of the company. His daughter Stephanie officially resigned from her job as co-CEO of the company soon after his return, and although nothing is yet confirmed by any reliable news source, it looks as though the company may just have been sold or is in the process of being sold to a very high bidder. The rumored bidder in question: Saudi Arabian investors.

Again, nothing is concrete, only questions upon questions have been raised. The only thing we now know for sure is that Vince is being sued by a shareholder—specifically a “class action” lawsuit filed by a certain Scott Fellows claiming a breach of duties of the fiduciary sort, according to a report by Bloomberg Law’s Mike Leonard.

So more legal issues for Vince McMahon. What else is new?

Well…a former writer of WWE, Robert Karpeles, sat down with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc., to talk a few matters over, and what other topic could interest wrestling fans more right now than Vince McMahon?

Karpeles detailed what Vince’s return to WWE could mean and the possibility of WWE going private and if he ever thought WWE would be sold among other things:

“There was always money coming in no matter what Vince did. And Vince was never going to do something to truly kill the WWE. It was always in the best interest of the company… (he always believed) he was giving the audience what the audience wanted even if they didn’t realize it…

Raw is a ratings juggernaut in cable television, but for a long time it was not in vogue to talk about, but it was still generating money. And as long as you’re bringing in money, that’s kind of what you need if you’re going to take it private, if you’re going to maintain it public and keep the lights on…

I think if you take him at his word, at face value, and he says there is not going to be a new media rights deal without the guy who controls the majority of the shares of the company, there is not going to be a potential sale. We are not going to engage with JPMorgan Chase unless the guy who has the majority of voting power is part of it. It’s almost like you’re holding everyone else hostage…

If he’s coming in to just do that and see that this thing falls into the hands that will keep this thing going and not tarnish his legacy, then great…The market hates any remote semblance of turmoil and conflict. And you have to hope that a lot of people on Wall Street are not sophisticated enough to understand that, what Vince is really looking to do…

There’s that other side … ‘This is mine. I don’t care that this may tank the stock. I don’t care that nobody will want to put us on.’ He’s still the guy that put SmackDown on MyNetwork. That’s the part that I always go back to. It was, ‘SmackDown is going to air somewhere, it’s going to air on a network, and I don’t care that it’s not on CW. I don’t care that it’s going to be on MyNetwork.’ …

(On WWE Creative): I don’t know officially if he would ever hang that title around his neck again. I think unofficially, if you think that he’s not going to have a conversation with his son-in-law who has to answer to him in some capacity as a board member, you’re kind of crazy…

Hunter did everything he could to poke Vince. It was, ‘We’re going to bring back sane wrestling on TV. We’re going to let Michael Cole talk without someone in his ear. All these people you fired, we’re bringing them all back.’ And it was just like, you could just feel Vince seething somewhere. And now he’s back and it’s like, ‘Oh s***.’ Kevin McCallister has to clean up the house before mom and dad get home, but you can’t totally undo it…”

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