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Finn Bálor Goes Into The Inner Workings Of His Relationships W/ Both Triple H & Vince McMahon

Well, Vince McMahon has since taken his leave of the world of professional wrestling, he having officially retired amidst loads of controversy and many accusations thrown his way. Since that time the federal government have also thrown their hat into the investigation and things have escalated quickly it seems.

For those of us who have been following his career closely, we know he won’t be able to stay away entirely; he of course will be watching—very much like a hawk—and we’re sure he will be assaulting both Stephanie McMahon’s and Triple H’s phones with loads of text messages with ideas…ideas that judging by what we’ve seen in the last week, they’ve been outright ignoring and will continue to ignore. The WWE has changed drastically and in such a short amount of time, and for the better.

Regardless, many pro wrestlers worked very well with him quite obviously, and just recently WWE Superstar and Bullet Club legend, Finn Bálor, went into just how his relationship is and was with Vince and how he and Triple H get along. These comments were made while he was speaking on the Cheap Heat Podcast:

via NJPW on YouTube

“I have a very good relationship with Triple H, but with most of the people in the company too…We have worked together a lot in ‘NXT,’ you know, first and second run in ‘NXT.’ So I do definitely have a familiarity, more so than I do with Vince, but you know, Vince has always been great to me. He was absolutely blown away by my heel work, which he didn’t think I had it in me…

So that was nice to hear. I would like more creative control over the Demon, a lot more…I would execute it a lot differently if it was given to me to kind of babysit, but working for a company that, you know, has so many different levels of management and different departments that need to be kept happy, you know, sometimes you lose the creative license you have when you’re independent.”

via Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)
via WWE on YouTube

He can most definitely be trusted and seeing that Triple H is essentially in that driver’s seat right now, it looks like Finn should be getting that creative control he’s been after. Just take a look at the work he and so many others did while on the NXT brand…that freedom was there and it showed, and we all know who was in charge over there during the Black & Gold era… (Triple H for those of you that don’t). Lot’s to look forward to indeed, so stay tuned, dear readers.

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