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Freddie Prinze Jr. On Relationship Between CM Punk & Triple H

The relationship between CM Punk and WWE management in general has never been all that great. It came to a head at the end of his tenure with the company in 2014 and soured even further afterward when Punk had been hired by Fox to make appearances on WWE Backstage.

Punk at the time had no interest in wrestling for WWE but didn’t close the door completely on the possibility, stating that that option was: “”a bridge that is gonna have to be built,” as it states on Wikipedia.

It was during this time that Fox was very interested in having CM Punk make a return, even going so far as to help pay for CM Punk’s salary, but WWE shut that possibility down in a hurry, stating that WWE had problems’ with Punk’s attitude, as per a report at

Earlier during his tenure in WWE (2011 it was), his frustrations shined through most prominently during a pipe bomb promo, the infamous pipe bomb promo of his that broke barriers. It was seemingly a work, but after he left the company, the weight and value of that promo and the very real fact that it was a shoot more than anything else, became clear to one and all.

via WWE on YouTube

Recently Freddie Prinze Jr. went into the relationship between Triple H and CM Punk specifically on an episode of his podcast, Wrestling With Freddie. Freddie Prinze Jr. was a writer for WWE during the Ruthless Aggression Era, or rather at the tail end of it.

“He created the Straight Edge Society (Punk): No drugs, no alcohol, technically no women if you’re super straight edge. Hunter’s looking him dead in the face, just gassed to the gills, and you know, drinks wine with Vince on the plane, and he just no-sells Punk’s whole promo and goes, ‘I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink,’ and he just looks him dead in the face like, ‘Go ahead and try to call me a liar. I’ll fire you so quick,’ and Punk couldn’t do anything! …

So that’s why when Punk had that promo on live ‘Raw’ instead of taped SmackDown where (Hunter) had no control — like, Hunter would blow live promos on a SmackDown and to the live house audience and would go, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll edit it,’ and he would just keep going cause he was so gangster with it…

But on ‘Raw,’ Punk got a chance to kind of do his own thing, and he let his feelings known. This could be a huge chance for Hunter to stick it to him. I promise you, dude, Triple H is petty Betty.”

via Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

Well, if there’s anyone that knows the way Hunter works, it would definitely be Freddie Prinze Jr.. The two worked closely together and as it turns out, Hunter seems to have a negative side based on these comments.

Triple H recently acquired the job of head of creative in WWE; that’s in addition to his talent relations duties, and many regard him as the saving grace and one who is privy to what’s transpiring on the indies. But he can have a dark side and evidently he does.

That’s if he doesn’t see eye to eye with you and that seems to be the case between he and CM Punk; it always seemed to be the case in fact. Let’s face it: These are some pretty glaring statements from Prinze Jr. here, and ones that we should take seriously.

The ratings for Raw have reportedly already gone up and the show did progress a tad better storyline-wise than it had been under Vince McMahon’s creative direction.

This was going to happen anyways down the line, so why not now, but Prinze Jr. feels that Hunter will take the digs he can while he can. We wonder only who else he has a personal beef with and what’s in store for them. Regardless, Punk can handle himself just fine, whatever it is Freddie’s worried about.

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