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Former WWE Referee Jack Doan Picks The Best And Worst WWE Wrestlers

WWE referee Jack Doan reflects on some of the best and most difficult performers he has had the pleasure of working with. Doan has worked as an in-ring official for many high-profile matches involving wrestling legends.

Doan’s experience with a wide range of personalities meant that not every match was a breeze. Doan revealed one WWE Hall of Famer who frequently threw fits inside the ring on SportsKeeda Wrestling’s “UnSKripted” podcast.

Shawn Michaels in two forms, in my opinion, is the most difficult. One, when he was a jerk and going through times with his addiction, which he’s very open about. He was difficult to work with in the ring, but he was such a professional that he demanded perfection. So, if he didn’t think you were in the right place or needed to be, he’d scream at you during the game.

If you thought only Shawn Michaels had the name on the list, you have another name coming as there was another superstar who wasn’t very good to work with and Jack opened up about that experience too during his appearance on the podcast.

[Chris] Jericho was in the same boat. Jericho was just trying to get the best matches. They work hard and sweat their buttocks off. They want to have the best match of the night, and the referee can derail that.

Undertaker is the most likely to succeed of all. Some of the top guys you’d expect to be the hardest were actually the best. Brock [Lesnar], Taker, and Kurt Angle were all incredibly easy to work with in the ring.

Does this change your approach to these wrestlers? Sound off in the comments.

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