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LA Knight Gets Into Trouble On Friday Night SmackDown

During tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Knight was seen leaving the arena. Knight stated that he is not afraid of Bray Wyatt. A mystery-masked person appeared in the darkness behind him as he spoke.

Following the commercial break, Knight was seen lying down backstage behind a mound of furniture. All of this occurred during an in-ring sequence in which Knight smacked Wyatt twice after suggesting that they would shake hands.

Wyatt is definitely being positioned as a top babyface because he’s designated as a face internally, and Michael Cole sided with Wyatt, claiming that Knight inquired about what happened to him. It appears that Knight was assaulted by Wyatt, although it is also conceivable that the attack was carried out by someone else.

LA Knight and Bray Wyatt were in a segment on this week’s SmackDown where the former slapped the latter between the ropes. It didn’t take time for the alter-ego to come for revenge as LA Knight could be seen down and unconscious following what appears like an attack from Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego.

There’s no word as of this writing on who attacked LA Knight, but fans are speculating that it’s Bray Wyatt that attacked LA Knight. The addition of LA Knight to a storyline only means good things for Knight who was previously seen in Maximum Male Models storyline.

What do you have to say about the segment? Sound off in the comments.

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