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Gable Steveson Has Been Removed From The WWE NXT Roster

WWE NXT Star Gable Steveson, who won the Olympic Gold Medal in freestyle wrestling after also winning a gold medal at the 2017 Junior World Championships, returned to amateur wrestling earlier this year, when he competed in and won the US Open. Steveson, who had a successful in-ring debut with WWE NXT at their Great American Bash Premium Live Event when he went up against Baron Corbin despite not winning the match as clean as he wanted to, also competed at Final X this past June.

Dave Meltzer revealed on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Steveson has been officially removed from the WWE NXT roster and he doesn’t know what this could mean, but there are no plans for him right now in NXT.

Steveson pulled out of the Senior World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia and it was revealed that he will be replaced by heavyweight wrestler Mason Parris. There’s no word yet on why Steveson pulled out of the tournament, but fans seem to believe WWE told him he could not do it as he has to get approval from the company to do tournaments such as this. It remains to be seen if there is any truth to that and what the future holds for Steveson in WWE NXT, but the WWE Universe also believes this was an indication of WWE not allowing Gable Steveson a chance to go for his third NCAA title next year at the 2024 Olympics.

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