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Grayson Waller Eyes Potential Feud with CM Punk in WWE Roster Shake-Up

Recent comments from SmackDown’s Grayson Waller have ignited speculation about a potential feud with none other than CM Punk, the iconic wrestler who has significantly shaped the landscape of WWE. Waller, an up-and-coming talent, isn’t shy about his ambitions and is looking to make a name for himself by challenging established stars.

After making an impressive in-ring debut on SmackDown, where he faced and competed against WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Waller has quickly drawn attention from wrestling greats like Shawn Michaels and The Miz. These industry veterans see main event potential in Waller, and their predictions have thrust him further into the limelight.

The Australian wrestler’s intentions became pronounced during a conversation with Justin LaBar on Busted Open Radio, where Waller recounted his thoughts after witnessing CM Punk’s energizing promo on the December 8th edition of SmackDown. With a candidness not often seen, Waller expressed his respect for Punk’s abilities while maintaining a competitive edge.

Waller was clear in his approach, stating, “I got to sit backstage at SmackDown last Friday and sit in the Gorilla position and watch him go out and talk. It’s a different vibe. For me personally, I’m not going to go and ask for advice and kiss his arse. That’s not who I am. But I am going to sit back and watch him do it, and I’m going to take some notes in my head.”

Despite acknowledging Punk’s influence and contributions to wrestling, Waller is intent on carving his own path and isn’t interested in playing the role of an admirer. “I want to test myself against him, not just in the ring but on the mic because that guy’s one of the best of all time… I appreciate what you’ve done for the business, but I’m not here to be your fanboy; I’m here to be a competitor.”

The obstacle, however, is Punk’s recent signing with Raw, a move that, in theory, commits him to the red brand, while Waller remains a part of SmackDown. But the WWE universe is no stranger to surprises, and cross-brand contests are not unprecedented.

As fans ponder the possible in-ring chemistry between Waller and Punk, the buzz around this potential rivalry grows. Both wrestlers have been seen maintaining their edge – with Waller making appearances at NXT and Punk spotted at the gym alongside other WWE stars.

While nothing is set in stone, and WWE storylines can shift as quickly as the tides, the seeds of a Waller vs. Punk storyline are certainly sown. This tantalizing prospect could become a highlight for WWE, as a promising new talent squares off with a storied veteran, creating the kind of drama and excitement that wrestling fans live for.

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