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Mick Foley Lauds Rhea Ripley as a Standout Talent in Modern Pro Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is no stranger to recognizing talent when he sees it, and recently, he’s turned the spotlight on a standout member of The Judgment Day faction: Rhea Ripley. During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Foley went as far as placing Ripley at the top tier of today’s wrestling superstars, a testament to her meteoric rise within the industry.

Rhea Ripley has captivated audiences with her commanding presence and in-ring prowess, and her recent confrontation against Nia Jax on WWE Raw only emphasized her growing popularity. “I was just tuning in to a pull-apart with Nia Jax and Rhea Ripley, and I heard 15,000 people chanting ‘Mami,'” Foley recounted. He highlighted this moment as a reminder of his passion for professional wrestling, “It’s just great.”

The WWE legend’s admiration for Ripley didn’t stop there. Foley acknowledged Ripley’s remarkable journey, a path that has exceeded even his high expectations. “I’ve been a real big proponent,” he said. “As high as I had hoped for her, I could’ve never seen this coming.” He praised her as one of the great characters of the modern generation, a sentiment that fans and critics alike have resonated with.

Moreover, Foley ranked Ripley just behind World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in the race for WWE’s 2023 MVP, an incredible nod to her impact and presence this year. In a playful recollection of his own Instagram post from March, where he jokingly pitched himself to join The Judgment Day, Foley expressed a deep appreciation for the faction as a whole. “I just love it. They bring me happiness,” he remarked.

Such high praise from a revered industry veteran underscores the impact Rhea Ripley has made in WWE and on The Judgment Day. As she continues to dominate the modern era with her hard-hitting style and charismatic allure, it’s clear Ripley has solidified her place as a top-tier talent in professional wrestling.

For the full sentiments and direct quotes from Mick Foley on Rhea Ripley’s standing in the industry, credit goes to WWE’s The Bump, with a transcription courtesy of Wrestling Inc. (please href to original content). Mick Foley’s heartfelt words not only celebrate the achievements of Rhea Ripley but also signify the genuine excitement and joy that the current WWE landscape can evoke among legends of the sport.

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