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Grayson Waller’s Comparison To Former WWE Champion Has Mixed Reactions

“The Grayson Waller Effect” reached new heights on December 10 at the “WWE NXT” Deadline, when the 32-year-old became the No. 1 contender to the “NXT” Championship by winning the first-ever Iron Survivor Challenge.

Waller did so after defeating Apollo Crews in a Casket Match at “NXT” Halloween Havoc. Crews and Waller traded insults during their feud, with Crews referring to Waller as a “low-rate Miz.” Waller discussed the comparisons between himself and The Miz on the most recent “WWE After the Bell” podcast.

I laughed because how is being compared to The Miz a bad thing? He main-evented WrestleMania, he’s on ‘Raw’ every single week and he steals the show. He’s always doing something. He’s doing media appearances; everybody knows who The Miz is, and he has a reality show. Why would I take offense to someone saying I’m The Miz? If I’m The Miz, hell yeah, that’s awesome for me, that means my career is going really well, lad.

Waller stated that he has “all the respect in the world” for Miz and hopes that more people call him the “next Miz” because “that’s great.” Waller, who previously stated that Miz is someone he hopes to wrestle with one day, believes there is one key difference between him and Miz.

I think people know that Miz is a good guy, too. He’s doing all these media appearances, he’s obviously who he is, but he’s a good guy too. I’m not. I don’t care if anyone likes me, I don’t want anyone to like me. I didn’t leave my family and friends back home to make friends, I came here to be a superstar and I’m going to do whatever it takes and say whatever it takes. I think that differentiates me. I’m at least real, at least honest. I am who I am. In the ring, no one can touch me.

Do you think Waller is the next Miz? Sound off in the comments.

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