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Kofi Kingston on WWE Draft: The ‘A’ Show is Whatever Show We’re On

One Big Thing

Kofi Kingston believes that wherever The New Day is drafted, that brand becomes the “A” show in WWE.

Key Points

  • The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) have been drafted to WWE Raw for the second consecutive year.
  • Kingston stated that the greatest tag team of all time being on a show makes it the “A” show.
  • He expressed excitement about being back on Raw and working with new tag teams in the division.

Why It Matters

The New Day’s presence on Raw solidifies the brand’s tag team division and adds star power to the roster. As one of the most consistently successful and popular tag teams in WWE history, their impact on the show they are drafted to is significant.

Kofi Kingston on the Draft

“Draft position is always funny man, I think for us it didn’t really matter where we went because we know that the ‘A’ show is whatever show that we’re on, you know what I’m saying? Not to toot our own horn but the greatest tag team of all time, the greatest tag team on the roster right now, you know, the most consistent. We’ve been doing it for a very, very long time so wherever your boys, The New Day day, are is where the ‘A’ show is going to be.”

Excitement for New Challenges

Kingston is looking forward to working with the new tag teams on Raw post-draft. “We got a lot of new tag teams to mix it up with … but now that everything, the dust has settled, as they say, I think that it’s great, man, it’s going to be awesome. ‘Raw’ is amazing, totally stacked right now with all the people that we got on here, so I’m looking forward to seeing what we do and what we bring to the table.”

The New Day’s last main roster tag team title reign was in 2021 when they won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships against The Hurt Business. However, Kingston and Woods did have a stint as NXT Tag Team Champions last year.

What do you think about The New Day’s impact on the brand they are drafted to? Leave a comment below!

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