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WWE Star Shayna Baszler Reacts To Change In Queen Of The Ring Tournament Opponen

One Big Thing

Shayna Baszler will now face Maxxine Dupri in the first round of the 2024 Queen of the Ring tournament after original opponent Zelina Vega was pulled due to injury.

Key Details

  • WWE Raw General Manager Adam Pearce announced via Twitter that Zelina Vega has been removed from her scheduled match with Shayna Baszler due to injury.
  • Alpha Academy’s Maxxine Dupri will replace Vega in the tournament, facing Baszler in the first round.
  • Baszler reacted to the change on Twitter, stating, “Different name, same limbs to break. #LimbByLimb”
  • The Baszler vs. Dupri match is set to take place at the WWE live event in Macon, GA on Sunday, May 12.

Why It Matters

The change in Baszler’s opponent adds an unexpected twist to the Queen of the Ring tournament. Vega’s absence, especially considering her previous success in the Queen’s Crown tournament in 2021, opens up new possibilities for the remaining competitors. The substitution of Maxxine Dupri, a relative newcomer to the main roster, could potentially shake up the dynamics of the tournament.

Baszler’s Reaction

Shayna Baszler’s tweet in response to the announcement showcases her unwavering confidence and her signature focus on breaking her opponents’ limbs. Despite the change in opponent, Baszler seems unfazed and ready to take on whoever stands in her way.

Vega’s Injury Status

Details regarding the nature and severity of Zelina Vega’s injury have not been disclosed. Fans will be keen to learn more about her condition and when she might be expected to return to action.

As the Queen of the Ring tournament progresses, the first-round clash between Shayna Baszler and Maxxine Dupri promises to be an intriguing encounter. Will Baszler’s experience and ruthless approach prevail, or will Dupri seize the opportunity to make a name for herself on the big stage?

Who do you think will come out on top in this match? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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