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Lacey Evans Declares Herself The ‘Bad Guy’ Post WWE Release

The former WWE superstar shared some steamy images to hype up her account and even went on to tell fans to connect with her through the website. The website happens to be a subscription based model where people will have to sign up for the access.

Lacey Evans is now out of the WWE. The former veteran declared herself as the ‘Bad Guy’ after the WWE exit. She changed her username to ‘Limitless Macey’ and even shared her website with the same name.

Lacey had a decent run in the WWE, but no one knows why she decided to step away from the wrestling juggernaut. Lacey has had a decent character until her release, but from the looks of it, the creative team couldn’t find out anything that would fit her past experience.

Evans has been doing well with her representation on television, but nothing fruitful came out of it. It’s possible that this lack of storyline was the reason why she stepped away from WWE programming and has decided to start her own thing with ‘Limitless Macey’.

While no one knows if that would be a successful career or not, one can say that the way she is promoting her work outside WWE and the kind of interactions she has with her new account, things could change for her and she may go the other way than what was officially built for her.

Did you like Lacey Evans as a performer in the WWE or do you think she made the right call by stepping away from the company? Sound off in the comments.

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