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Unleashing the Irresistible Force: WWE’s Asuka Stands Up for Nia Jax– Here’s Why

In her initial tenure with the WWE, Nia Jax was persistently under the microscope of wrestling fans due to perceived performance shortcomings in the ring and, worryingly, for allegedly causing injuries to her fellow wrestlers inadvertently. This ongoing criticism led Jax, ever the trouper, to humorously engage with the ‘reckless’ tag she was branded with.

However, following her recent comeback to WWE’s Raw, the echoes of her past reputation were stirred, leading to an outpouring of doubts about the decision to reintroduce “The Irresistible Force” into the women’s roster. Some fans seemed apprehensive about the potential risk she might pose to other WWE members.

Coming to the rescue though was none other than Asuka, a heavyweight in the wrestling world and a respected senior of the WWE family. She ardently defended Jax when she was cornered with a question about the legitimacy of her return. Asuka’s response was a stern reprimand to the critics: “That question is rude and bullying. Are you really a person with a heart?”

Asuka jumped into the fray to counter the fans labeling Jax as an ‘unsafe worker’ without providing evidence to support their claim. One incident of particular interest was when a fan mentioned Kairi Sane’s unfortunate incident involving Jax in 2020. Asuka was quick to clarify Sane’s position: “Wrestlers fight knowing that there is a possibility of injury. Kairi doesn’t blame anyone for her injuries.”

Asuka didn’t stop there. She used her personal experiences to highlight the underlying risks of the profession, revealing various injuries she’s endured throughout her career. She stated, “I broke a tooth and tore five tendons in my shoulder. I also suffered many other injuries including knees and ankles, but that was no one’s fault.”

She took absolute responsibility for those injuries and referred to her role in WWE as that of a ‘warrior of love’. This bold perspective from a veteran WWE professional underscores that wrestling is, at its core, a high-risk profession filled with unexpected impediments– something that should not be overlooked when critiquing wrestlers like Nia Jax.

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