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Logan Paul Accepts Triple H’s Offer To Be On SmackDown Tomorrow Night

WWE can be massively troublesome for some. It wasn’t days ago when Roman Reigns appeared on the Logan Paul YouTube show ‘ImPaulsive’ and now WWE has tweeted that Logan Paul will be on SmackDown tomorrow night.

It started off as banter between two people as first Roman Reigns tweeted that the moment he went away from the show, Paul said some words to his friends. The Head of the Table didn’t take the words too kindly. He tweeted:

The Wiseman took matters into his hands and called the matter as done for The Tribal Chief. The Special Counsel to The Head of the Table tweeted the following:

Logan Paul was not sure of how Heyman wanted to handle things for the WWE Universal Champion. It’s when he asked a question out of curiosity if he has any plans on handling him. The ImPaulsive Paul tweeted:

It was about time that the story be discussed in true WWE fashion and the game be played according to The Game. Triple H joined the story and stated that he has a globally televised platform to allow our Superstars to “handle” their issues with one another and Paul should consider this an invite for #Smackdown tomorrow night! He tweeted:

While all of this was happening the grapevine was busy speculating on what this actually means for the WWE Universe. Does it mean that Roman would fight Logan Paul or will Paul ask for a title match from the current champion?

It’s a clear indication that WWE is building this match for their Crown Jewel event that takes place this November. WWE doesn’t want every Roman performance to have a championship match involved in it. The fight between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul will be a fight without the titles in the mix. It would make way for compelling television.

Paul walked out with a win over The Miz at SummerSlam. The A-Lister couldn’t compete against the newest member on the block. It’s a given that WWE has that plan on its mind as Roman isn’t fighting at Extreme Rules. WWE even tweeted about Paul being on SmackDown tomorrow night. It tweeted:

WWE knows that some storylines can be told without a title in place and this is one storyline where the star power of the two will be enough to pull it off for over a month. WWE needs to play well and with Triple H in charge, nothing can go wrong. Let’s wait to see how this pans out.

Do you have any other thoughts in mind? Sound off in the comments.

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