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Matt Cardona’s Quest for a Match With David Arquette Continues

Matt Cardona has been a significant force in the independent wrestling scene since his departure from WWE in 2020. As a charismatic figure who seamlessly transitioned to multiple wrestling promotions, Cardona has become somewhat of an indie wrestling icon, capturing titles in organizations such as GCW, NWA, and Impact Wrestling. Despite his success, the Long Island native has set his sights on a unique personal goal, a goal that seems constantly out of reach: a showdown with former WCW World Champion David Arquette.

In a recent interview with Dashawn’s 2 Cents, Cardona expressed his eagerness to step in the ring with the actor and occasional wrestler. “David Arquette, he’s been ducking me for years,” Cardona declared, highlighting his elusive pursuit. Fans familiar with Arquette’s history in wrestling remember his controversial WCW World Title win in 2000, which many saw as a promotional stunt for the movie “Ready to Rumble.”

David Arquette’s stint in wrestling didn’t end in the early 2000s, though. He found redemption among die-hard fans when he braved the hardcore realm and faced off against Deathmatch King Nick Gage for the GCW World Championship in 2018. The brutal match, featuring Gage’s infamous pizza cutter and light tubes, left Arquette bloodied but earned him a new level of respect in the industry—captured on camera in Gage’s “Dark Side of the Ring” docuseries episode.

Beyond just locking horns, Cardona mentioned possible plans to incorporate Arquette into his “budding stable.” “I would love to wrestle David Arquette. Or maybe he could be the next Broski, you know? Steph De Lander, Jimmy Lloyd, David Arquette. Could you imagine the heat?” With Cardona embracing his role as a trailblazing independent star, the addition of Arquette could indeed shake things up further.

Furthering his interests regarding Arquette, Cardona also touched upon his efforts to immortalize the actor in plastic form, talking about an unrealized David Arquette action figure. Cardona has been working with AEW’s RJ City to try to get the figure into production but is met with resistance. The frustration in Cardona’s voice was unmistakable as he said, “David, what the f— dude? It’s not like you have any other figures; it’s not like Mattel or Jazwares is knocking on your f—ing door. Let’s get some figures made, pal.”

Excitement continues to build within the wrestling community, as Cardona’s challenge to Arquette generates curiosity and anticipation. Whether Arquette will step up to the call or join forces with Cardona remains up in the air. Yet, with Cardona’s drive and the wrestling world’s affinity for surprising moments, this is a story that could deliver an unexpected chapter at any time. Wrestling enthusiasts should stay tuned as Cardona’s quest for this unique rivalry—or partnership—presses on.

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