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Miyu Yamashita’s Unexpected Appearance at NXT: A Sign or Mere Coincidence?

In an interesting update from the world of pro wrestling, Japanese wrestling sensation Miyu Yamashita, famed star from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, was sighted at the recent NXT taping on October 17. Yamashita, fresh from posts about her fun-filled times at Walt Disney World in Orlando, had fans doing a double-take as she was spotted in the crowd at the NXT show, seated just behind the commentators’ table.

Adding to the intrigue are speculations surrounding her presence, largely as she was also in Orlando over the weekend to participate in a SPARK Joshi Puroresu match. It begs the question: was Yamashita merely in Orlando for another gig or could there be more to this surprise visit?

Her companion at the event – the founder of SPARK Joshi Puroresu, CB Liffer, prompted some to wonder if this was merely a chance visit, or a hint towards a possible WWE involvement for Yamashita. However, she remained tight-lipped about her NXT experience, preferring to dwell more on her whimsical Disney World escapade.

In a tweet recounting her Disney visit, Yamashita wrote, “Coincidentally, on the day of the 100th anniversary, I was at Disneyland in Florida. It was a wonderful time. My favorite Pooh came by when I was buying a drink at the shop, but I couldn’t chase after him. That’s my only regret.”

Known for her ties in WWE, notably with her having trained with Raw’s star Natalya, it’s no shocker that Yamashita’s nearness to the WWE is creating a buzz. Further, her past association with AEW, particularly a challenging AEW Women’s World Championship match on Dynamite against Thunder Rosa, adds fuel to the speculation about her status.

For now, the wrestling world breathlessly awaits further updates concerning the future plans of this talented Japanese wrestler, Miyu Yamashita. Was her appearance at NXT a one-off coincidence or the starting point of a groundbreaking wrestling journey? Only time can provide the ring-shattering answer.

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