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News On Big Changes In WWE After Vince McMahon Stepped Down

Triple H recently took over the WWE’s creative and since then a lot of big changes have happened such as several former WWE Stars being brought back, an improvement in the storylines including booking of the matches and the characters and wrestling fans being excited once again. Numerous people including Hall of Famers, legends, current WWE Stars and even the USA Network has been extremely happy with the changes Triple H has brought and everyone in the wrestling industry can’t wait to see what the future holds for the WWE. Changes have not only been happening in the product and booking of talents itself, but a number of behind-the-scenes changes have been happening as well.

According to, Triple H being in charge of the WWE’s creative has energized the stars in the locker room as well as the production team and the change in WWE’s management has improved the HQ in Stamford in a number of different ways. The change in management has also seen talents not walking on eggshells any longer and they no longer fear for their job if personal life is discussed as before that is something Vince McMahon didn’t like to do and his work hours were insane, which meant that he wanted the talents to work insane hours as well. The change has also seen the level of stress decline and the work/life balance is said to be much better these days.

It was also noted on the report that talents are now able to have a nice conversation with management and they can talk to them about anything that comes to mind unlike before and people also knew before that running into Vince McMahon was like running into the T-Rex from Jurassic Park as you didn’t want to call attention to yourself. The creative team is less worried as well about being “worn out by the grind” and more focus is being put on creative pitches and long-form ideas. When Vince was in charge, the script of WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown used to be ripped up hours prior to the show going on the air or while the show is already running and a new script had to be rewritten, but that is something that no longer or rarely happens and the more streamlined process of writing a script is said to be one of the reasons why there are no longer so many rematches on WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown.

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