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WWE’s Roman Reigns In Tough Spot As He Tries To Hold His Titles

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is on a journey where he has become one of the biggest names to hold a dual championship at one time. WWE wants to take those off him to get him into other storylines. The issue with the situation is that there’s currently no way out.

WWE knows that taking those titles off of Roman Reigns won’t be easy, as he has had a spectacular run with the championships. It’s been for a timeframe of two long years. WWE knows that the performers who have stepped up to him are players of The Game, and if they couldn’t do it, then others don’t stand a chance.

The recent one to fall to Roman Reigns is Drew McIntyre. He got defeated in Cardiff, Wales, during WWE’s Clash at the Castle. The storyline introduced another Uce to The Bloodline, and things look even better.

What’s shocking is that there are no plans for Roman Reigns to lose the titles this year. The plan is to hold on to the Championships until he wrestles The Rock. With WrestleMania 39 going Hollywood, there are chances that The Great One would return to enhance The Head of the Table storyline.

WrestleVotes is a credible source for wrestling news and had this to say about the current situation surrounding Roman Reigns. The account tweeted:

“The situation w/ the world titles & Roman Reigns is “complex” according to a source. They would like to go into “Mania season” & WrestleMania itself with 2 champions, but they also don’t want Reigns losing AT ALL prior. I’m told HHH & co are open to all things creatively here.”

The Rock has XFL and Hollywood commitments, so one would have to check if The People’s Champion would be able to work with those stringent timelines. A match between the two to decide the real Head of the Table would be a great way to end this situation while still keeping Roman Reigns as a heel.

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