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Pittsburgh Steelers Celebrate Victory with WWE’s LA Knight Meme

In recent events, the Pittsburgh Steelers have gained widespread attention not only for their victory over the Los Angeles Rams on the NFL field but also within the WWE community with a twist of pop culture humor.

In an intense match-up, the Steelers rose to the occasion during the final quarter, ringing the victory bells with a score of 24-17. It wasn’t as smooth-sailing a win as it could have been, but the celebrations that ensued have caught the eye of both the sporting and pro-wrestling world, thanks to an LA Knight-themed meme.

Making the most of the victory, the Steelers aesthetically called out their Los Angeles opponents with a reflection-in-LA-Knight’s-sunglasses meme. This tongue-in-cheek, well-timed jab at their rivals has taken the internet by storm, much to the delight of WWE and NFL fans alike.

This isn’t the first time the LA Knight meme has staked its claim within the digital space – it’s gained significant traction on social media over time, with even WWE superstar, Rhea Ripley, entertaining a photoshopped variant on her Twitter handle.

A picture that spoke a thousand words, however, was an LA Knight tribute featuring Kenny Pickett’s face photoshopped onto Knight’s body. An inventive Steelers’ fan took their fandom to a whole new level with this creation that quickly became viral.

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In the ever-merging worlds of sports and pop culture, this blend of humorous meme use and professional sports victory creates a unique cross-over sure to be remembered. It just shows that while the Steelers have game on the field, they’ve also got game on social media, capturing the spirit of victory in a truly unique way.

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