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Sheamus Attributes First WWE World Title Win to John Cena’s Influence

3 Key Points

  • WWE Superstar Sheamus recognizes John Cena’s role in his inaugural world title victory.
  • Discussed on “Virgin Media Sport Stories,” plans for Sheamus’s 2009 title match at TLC were altered.
  • Sheamus has secured four world titles during his ongoing, remarkable 18-year career with WWE.

Sheamus Opens Up About Career-Defining Moment

WWE’s own Sheamus has recently delved into a pivotal occasion in his career, the night he clinched his first WWE world title. In conversation on “Virgin Media Sport Stories,” the Celtic Warrior shed light on an unexpected shift in the script for his showdown at the 2009 TLC event – a change he attributes significantly to fellow wrestler John Cena.

John Cena’s Crucial Backstage Role

The Dublin-born athlete recounted the twists of that fateful day when he was originally set to face defeat. “Up until that day, I was losing that match, and then things changed. Cena had a lot to do with it,” he revealed candidly. It was Cena, a 16-time world champion himself, who saw potential in Sheamus, recognizing him as a deserving adversary and an ideal narrative foil in the ring.

The Turning Point for Sheamus

Sheamus expressed gratitude towards Cena’s belief in him as a “believable foe,” acknowledging the importance of this dynamic for any wrestling protagonist’s saga. He also acknowledged the discord among his peers regarding his leap to the forefront, where some expressed resentment over his rapid ascension to world champion status.

Legacy of a World Champion

In retrospect, Sheamus’s illustrious tenure with WWE involves four world title reigns, including triumphs over big names like Randy Orton and Edge. His remarkable debut as a champion against Cena was followed by subsequent victories, including his memorable win over Daniel Bryan in a mere 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28 and a strategic Money in the Bank cash-in to defeat Roman Reigns in 2015.

Clearly, Sheamus’s career, bolstered by support from industry stalwarts like Cena, serves as a testament to seizing opportunities and cultivating a persona that resonates with audiences as both formidable and captivating within the realm of professional wrestling.

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