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The Legendary Mick Foley Leaves The Twitter World—Explains Why

Mick Foley needs no introduction to wrestling fans who have been following the industry closely for the last three decades—a year shy from 4 by the way.

He started in the industry way back in 1983, and since that time made his way through many territories, putting in the work and making a name for himself primarily in hardcore matches. He touched down in many Japanese promotions, ECW, WWE, WCW, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, NWA, TNA/Impact, and even made some appearances for Ring Of Honor.

Now when we say ‘hardcore matches,’ we don’t mean the types of matches that you see these days in WWE. Please! We’re talking about Kawasaki Dream caliber matches in Japan against the likes of Terry Funk—yet another legend in the industry.

via Matthew Dunn /YouTube

Not for the squeamish or the faint of heart for sure, but the man sacrificed his well-being to make it in the industry and entertain the fans.

He would parlay his fame into a writing career of quite a wee bit of renown. He is a New York Times bestseller, having written about his own life in the nonfiction format and having written fiction as well; he was as talented at the writing and still is, as he was in the squared circle…and you can trust me on that…after all, I read everything.

Regardless, Mick, who has kept up appearances on social media in all its formats over the years and kept up public appearances, even promoting more recent writings, comedy events and the such, used the Twitter platform for its broad reach to promote his many endeavors. These days it’s more useful than television and it’s getting worse…or better? Depending on how you look at it I guess.

The problem is sadly that there are quite a number of people who make it difficult for the good people out there on the Twitter platform in particular…a few “turds,” as Mick puts it so eloquently; they make the waters of Twitter quite the murky depths indeed, so to speak.

It was on the latest episode of Foley Is Pod that he explained why he and Twitter parted ways, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Elon Musk.

“It would be easy to blame the atmosphere on Twitter. That was part of it, but since day one, I had trouble using Twitter in moderation, so it’s mostly on me. I struggled with it. I think a lot of people do. Then you get to where you’re spending hours a day just looking at everything on there, and as it became progressively more divisive, I began to feel like I was swimming in a pool full of turds…

One turd, you can dodge that turd. Right? You can still enjoy the crystal clear water. But at a certain point, when being on Twitter just becomes an exercise in dodging turds, it’s time to get out of the water and that’s what I did…I may come back on after the New Year. I may let you guys (Ad Free Shows) run the account. I mean, I worked really hard to get up to 2 million…

 I really did, and it was a struggle over time. I posted stuff that I thought was interesting and sometimes funny, sometimes relevant, but it just feels like a filthy place for me to be and spend so much time. But maybe after the New Year, it’ll come back under new ownership.”

via Mick Foley – (Transcription)

Of course he didn’t single out the bad contingent out there. After all he is a great writer (as mentioned above), and a gentleman, and he shouldered some of the blame, but the message shone through that the less than admirable portion of the Twitter World was a main source of his leaving.

In the end, this is a shame that a kind-hearted man, who gave so much in that ring, has to feel like that out there—that he’s been made to feel like this… a legend. Maybe in the end it shows that Twitter is a platform that has way too many of the aforementioned “turds” allowed to roam and spread their hate.

A shame that there will be one less kind-hearted soul out there to make the platform that much better, because there are great people out there, indeed there are, but how does that expression go about the one bad egg?

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