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The OC Reflects on Their NXT Stint and Their Wishes for More Time Under Triple H’s Wing

One Big Thing

The OC (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) recently shared their sentiments on wanting an extended period to work in NXT upon their return to WWE. They believe this would have allowed them to foster a closer relationship with Triple H.

Key Takeaways

  • During their appearance on Talk’n Shop, Anderson mentioned their appreciation for NXT and the desire to have worked more closely with Triple H.
  • Gallows emphasized the value of building a stronger bond with Triple H, allowing him to understand their passion for wrestling better.
  • The duo highlighted their dedication to the sport, despite facing setbacks such as injuries that marred their return in 2022.
  • They marked a significant return to NXT in February, ending an 8-month losing streak on WWE television.
  • The OC is now preparing for their match against Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe at NXT Spring Breakin’ on April 30.

Why It Matters

The OC’s longing for more time in NXT signals a growing trend among wrestlers who see value in the brand’s developmental environment and its close-knit collaboration under Triple H’s leadership. This reflects a broader desire within the industry for talent to develop deeper connections with creative heads, potentially leading to more nuanced and character-driven performances in the ring.

Anderson’s Thoughts

“Our time in NXT was great. I wish we would have spent more time in NXT earlier when we came back to WWE, just a little bit, we could have worked closer with Hunter [Triple H],” Anderson shared. Gallows followed up, highlighting the potential benefits of a closer relationship with Triple H.

Gallows’ Insight

“That would have been a good thing. Just to form the bond a little bit more. Him getting to know us as people and our passion would be a good thing,” says Gallows, emphasizing the personal and professional growth that could have stemmed from a prolonged NXT interaction.


The OC’s reflections on their NXT stint and their wish for more time within the developmental brand underscore the importance of relationship-building in the wrestling industry. It not only affects how performers are portrayed and promoted but also influences their personal growth and connection to the sport.

What are your thoughts on The OC’s return to WWE NXT? Do you agree that they deserved more time on the programming? Share your perspectives in the comments below!

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