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WWE Determined To Keep Their “White Rabbit” Secret Hidden, Unleashing Loads Of Subliminal Messages

The “White Rabbit” secret continues to intensify.

As you may have noticed, WWE has been playing Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” song during commercial breaks at TV shows, as well as during house shows.

During this past Monday’s Raw, WWE showed a QR code on air, different from just the off-air segments previously done, now making everybody officially involved with the “White Rabbit” secret.

When the code was scanned, it took the individual to a video of a hangman game that had a white rabbit asking the question, “Who killed the world?” The answer was, “You Did,” and then the video closed out with a date – 9.23 – which is the scheduled date for the next episode of SmackDown!.

What’s interesting about the quotes from the video is that it’s very similar to what Bray Wyatt said during a 2015 interview with Michael Cole, which understandably has fans quite positive that this could mean the return of Bray.

While speaking with Cole, Wyatt said, “I didn’t make the world the way it is… You did,” which is very similar to the “Who killed the world… You did” words in the QR code video.

Also interesting, the official Extreme Rules poster for Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle’s “Fight Pit” match includes a lantern and fireflies in the background, which are two things well associated with Wyatt.

It should also be noted that an hour glass was also present in the “White Rabbit” vignette, which could be a reference to Karrion Kross, which is another wrestler that many have speculated the tease is about. Kross was also known as “The White Rabbit” during his Lucha Underground days.

However, according to Fightful Select, one WWE staff member stated that Kross shouldn’t be considered an option because he’s already made his debut.

Also interesting, it’s being reported that WWE Superstars themselves believe that the “White Rabbit” phenomenon is signaling the return of Bray Wyatt, however, Triple H hasn’t told anybody of his plans, including both talent and personnel – keeping his cards for the storyline close to his chest and keeping everybody in the dark.

Even production hasn’t been informed yet on what the “White Rabbit” tease is about, which is out of the normal, because that particular part of WWE’s staff is usually made aware of secret reveals well ahead of schedule.

We’re all in the dark.

…just the way Bray Wyatt likes it.

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