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WWE Games Company Loses Legal Battle To A Tattoo Artist

WWE is a business that has many sub-sections with games being a prominent one. The work done by the games division entices fans from all parts of life to get what they want and deliver on their due fun. It’s playing WWE Games on their favourite mobile or other devices.

While games can be experienced by anyone, the beauty lies in the details of the characters in the game. The quality of work portrayed in these games makes the game look interesting and it also adds the value of comfort. Fans can use different moves and play as they please.

Randy Orton is not in action at this time, but The Viper is in the news, thanks to WWE Games. Back in 2018, tattoo artist Catherine Alexander filed a lawsuit against Take-Two claiming the video game publisher used her tattoo designs on models of Randy Orton in its WWE 2K games without permission. The fact remains that the artist isn’t the only one to make such a claim.

Take-Two is the company behind WWE Games, and it has brought a bad name to the WWE Games section on multiple occasions. Back in 2016, Take-Two was sued by tattoo artists at Solid Oak Sketches, who own copyrights for tattoos they’ve done for LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, for using LeBron James’ tattoos in the NBA 2K games without permission.

While the Take Two games company won the previous case, they would have to pay Catherine Alexander a total of $3,470 in damages against the previously offered $450 dollars by the company. The use of any copyrighted material is wrong as per the law, and it applies to all genres.

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