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ECW Legend Claims Another Superstar Got Fired For Payout

ECW legends have a habit of giving out insights about what went down between the ropes when they were in action. ECW is one promotion that gave WWE extreme competition due to its edgy content and the ability to bring back raw action to the wrestling ring.

Fans loved every moment of it, and it was one of the best ways to bring the true spirit of wrestling back to the members of the ECW fandom. ECW Original Sandman recently appeared on the Captain’s Corner and had some words to say about what transpired for another ECW superstar from back in the day.

He talked about how Bobby Lashley thought that he was paid less for his hair vs hair match at WrestleMania 23. Lashley represented Donald Trump while Umaga was McMahon’s choice in The Battle of the Billionaires.

The loser had to be in the ring and get his hair taken off by the opponents. The referee for this match was McMahon’s arch-on-screen rival, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He called the action down the middle and made sure that no outside interference happened.

Shane McMahon tried to make the save for his father, but he received Austin’s Stunner and was stunned by what transpired. Vince McMahon lost the match in a fair manner but tried to run away from the outcome. He got his head shaved.

According to Sandman, when Lashley went to collect the money for his work, he received half a million dollars and the three magical words from The Chairman himself. Sandman said:

Bobby Lashley was in that match, he got fired. You know why? He b****d about getting half a million dollars for that match. Bobby Lashley could not wrestle a lick back then, now he’s pretty good, but he couldn’t wrestle really good back then. He f*****g complained about getting half a million, dude. Vince is like, ‘you’re fired.’ Didn’t take him back for years. He’s over as s**t now.

Would you accept a firing for your actions? Sound off in the comments.

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