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WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Behind-the-Scenes: Riddle’s Missed Opportunity and Theory’s Triumph

Top Takeaways from WWE’s Money in the Bank Strategy

  • Matt Riddle was a contender but not the definitive choice for the 2022 Money in the Bank (MITB) victory.
  • Austin Theory’s last-minute win was a decision by Vince McMahon amidst several potential candidates.
  • Riddle discusses his WWE tenure and unveils plans for a team-up with Jeff Hardy that never materialized.

Riddle’s Planned Victory Altered in WWE Money in the Bank 2022

Insider information has emerged regarding the 2022 WWE Money in the Bank ladder match. Originally, there was speculation about Riddle securing the win. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the decision was far from set in stone. Riddle, while a favored contender, was just one of the many wrestlers in contention for the briefcase.

Vince McMahon’s Decision Changes the Game

The final call that led to Austin Theory grasping the coveted briefcase was made at the eleventh hour by Vince McMahon. Meltzer emphasizes, “It was never 100% anyone,” debunking the notion that Riddle was the definite choice before the swift change in plans.

Riddle’s Royal Rumble Prospects

In addition to the MITB shuffle, it was also highlighted that Riddle was not a serious contender to win the Royal Rumble match in 2022. The claim sifting through the rumor mill about his potential victory was overestimated.

Missed Chances and Revelations

After the intense ladder match, highlights witnessed Austin Theory claiming the prestigious title of Mr. Money in the Bank. However, his subsequent cash-in attempt against Seth Rollins for the United States Championship did not culminate in victory.

Riddle Reflects on His WWE Journey

The news of Matt Riddle’s WWE release made waves through the pro wrestling world. Post-departure, Riddle has expressed fond reflections on his WWE stint, where he “loved every second.” He also shed light on discarded plans for a tag team with Jeff Hardy, which fell through due to creative differences on the team name, shatteringly reminiscent of the iconic Hardy Boyz.


As the dust settles on the revelations around WWE Money in the Bank 2022 and Riddle’s release, fans are left pondering what might have been in an alternate world where decisions went differently. In the dynamic realm of WWE, plans can change at a moment’s notice, demonstrating that in pro wrestling, nothing is truly certain until the bell rings.

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