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WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Talks Schedule, Triple H, Vince Leaving

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns talks about WWE and its recent changes.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns spoke with the Sports Illustrated Media podcast and shared his thoughts on why he chose a part-time schedule, Triple H as in charge, and Vince McMahon’s exit. The Head of the Table kept it precise, talking about less family time during the hectic schedule of the company.

He stated that the work required him to be on Fridays and then work during Saturday and Sunday’s live events. What followed was an occasional visit to Raw, followed by the Tuesday tapings of SmackDown. The Tribal Chief talked about how he would be home on a Wednesday afternoon, but with the tiredness, there was little chance of taking care of matters until Thursday before the circle started again.

The current champion stated that he has five children. So he wanted to do his fatherhood duties and give the kids the experience they deserve. He wanted to be there for them when they needed him the most. The Needle Mover confirmed that Vince and the WWE were supportive of this approach, and it was this support that helped him do his duties without falling short on his professional obligations. He emphasized how he would be available for all relevant professional shows and others based on the storylines.

Roman Reigns on the new regime and The Rock

WWE has gone through a change where the CEO and Chairman have changed, as have the Head of Creative. The longest reigning champion of the current era stated that Vince being gone from his role sent shockwaves to him and the entire business. He also discussed that Triple H is doing an exceptional job during this transition phase. Notably, Triple H took charge when Vince underwent an internal and federal investigation for his hush money scandal, and the WWE Universe was losing interest in the product. Roman Reigns emphasized that this phase is where everything will feel good.

It’s worth noting that The Rock dropped a hint about wrestling Roman Reigns during his sitcom “Young Rock.” Roman stated that The Rock does everything strategically, so it’s nice for him to see The Rock drop a hint to get the fans talking. It would create chatter, and the fans would be talking about it for a longer time. There’s no doubt that everyone wants to see The Rock vs Roman Reigns, and if this subtle hint is the first step in the right direction, then everyone would love it.

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