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WWE’s Major Cutback: Over 100 Layoffs Including Disliked Vice President Jamie Horowitz

Last Friday marked a significant wave of cost-cutting by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a controversial move that resulted not only in more than 100 employees being released but instigated a significant shakeup within the company’s administrative ranks as well.

While WWE has been known for its frequent roster cuts, this time around the company decided to chop its expenditures elsewhere — specifically, within its non-talent staff. Many departments were significantly affected by this initiative, but it was especially impactful for the Podcasting, WWE Network, and Analytics divisions.

One of the most notable exiting names was that of Jamie Horowitz, the Vice President of Development and Digital. Horowitz’s departure, though unfortunate, hardly came as a surprise to the WWE community. Numerous reports suggested that he was not a particularly popular figure within the company, a sentiment shared not just by his immediate colleagues but also by the women employees, given his past reputation during his stint at ESPN.

Bearing this reputational baggage, Horowitz’s hiring by the company’s CEO, Nick Khan – who had secured Horowitz’s services from DAZN during his major roster overhaul – was met with subdued enthusiasm. And with his recent exit, WWE seems to be hinting at a broader operational restructure – one that could be driven by market implications, decreased ratings, or even ongoing pandemic challenges.

As of now, WWE has yet to announce any potential replacements for Horowitz’s role or whether there will be further layoffs in the coming weeks. However, it’s safe to say, in the tumultuous world of pro-wrestling, one can never predict the next twist.

With these significant cuts, especially at the executive level, it’s clear that WWE is prepared to make bold, unpopular decisions in a bid to streamline its operations and cut costs. While we wait to see how these developments pan out, we wish the best to those affected by the layoffs.

So, wrestling fans, what’s your take on these developments? Do you think the release of Jamie Horowitz was warranted? Let us know in the comments. As always, stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest happenings in the pro wrestling world!

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