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Zac Efron and ‘The Iron Claw’ Cast Expresses Intent to Wrestle in Future, Film to Release on December 22nd

Imagine Zac Efron, best known for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters, stepping inside a wrestling ring, grappling with real-life wrestlers. It sounds like a scenario out of a fantasy movie, but if Efron and his co-stars from the upcoming film “The Iron Claw” have their way, it could become a reality.

“The Iron Claw,” set to premiere on December 22nd this year, is a Kubrickian biopic capturing the triumphant and tragic tale of the legendary Von Erich family, who dominated professional wrestling in the 1960s. Zac Efron has stepped into the shoes of Kevin Von Erich, with Jeremy Allen White and Harris Dickinson playing Kerry Von Erich and David Von Erich respectively. Apart from their acting prowess, the trio has also exhibited an intriguing enthusiasm towards wrestling.

The first trailer of the film, released recently, portrays Efron, White, and Dickinson as well-trained wrestlers who’ve internalized the spirit of the Von Erich family. Furthermore, fans in the wrestling universe were thrown into a tizzy when MJF’s participation in the movie was confirmed.

This buzz about “The Iron Claw” doesn’t stop at the film. During an interview with EW, the three leading actors were asked about their willingness to step inside a wrestling ring in real life. Their answer? A collective, enthusiastic yes.

“I would jump in,” White immediately responded, intercepted by Dickinson agreeing, “I would love to.” Recalling a conversation at the end of the shoot, White added, “We were like, ‘Should we try and do this for real?’ We went to Sean [Maker] and were like ‘Sean, call them! Tell them we’re ready.'”

Despite their unanimous decision to take up wrestling, Efron adds a condition, stating he would do it, “only if all you guys were there.”

Amid the laughs and playful banter, one could notice a sincere eagerness. It’s clear that these actors, dedicated to their roles, were profoundly affected by the rich wrestling history of the Von Erich family. Could it be a pivotal launching pad for their wrestling careers? Only time will tell.

As we anticipate the release of the “The Iron Claw” and the possible debut of Efron, White, and Dickinson in the wrestling arena, one question remains – should they do it? How do you, as fans, feel about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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