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AEW’s Matt Hardy Updates on Jeff Hardy and Advises Talent

AEW superstar Matt Hardy doesn’t want to ‘delete’ anything from his life because all the admiration and respect he has is because of his work. The kind of work done by him has made people a fan of one-half of The Hardy Boyz.

The tag team started in the independent circuit before moving to WWF. Matt was the one who would do all the logistic moves, while the aerial attack was a part of Jeff Hardy’s arsenal. The two put together a source of energy and accessibility to the tag team division. It was their vision that changed the landscape of the way tag team wrestling was witnessed in the past.

Matt recently appeared on ‘Busted Open Radio‘ and provided an update on his elder brother Jeff. The update is a sigh of relief for the Hardy family and Jeff’s wife Beth is the most excited about it. She is happy to see her husband move up his therapy and rehab. He said:

He seems to be doing really well. The conversations I’ve had with him have been really, really good. The most important barometer I think of all these things is his wife, Beth, is super happy with his progress and where he’s at in life, and I think that’s most important.

It looks like Jeff may be back in action soon, but we can’t put a date to it. Health is happiness and there’s no compromise on that aspect. Matt also touched on a topic that has put AEW in hot water. Matt said that it would be interesting if people talked their matters out instead of putting them on social media.

Matt believes that social media is a two-way sword and it can come to bite people because things go out in public. Matt stated:

The best advice I can give anyone is if you have an issue with something or someone, go to them directly and talk it out. When people harbor resentment towards someone else, that’s when bad things happen. You have to get it out.

You have to be forthright and really address these scenarios and situations. I feel like as a veteran, I am trying to help expedite that process.

There’s a lot of guys like Jericho, Jon Moxley, and Bryan Danielson. They’ve all really stepped up and had these super positive productive meetings and we’re gonna continue on that path. I think we’re gonna get there and everything’s gonna be good.

People are bound to have different opinions, so it’s always a better way to talk things up instead of putting them on social media. Hardy said:

Social media is one of those things. It’s like a double-edged sword in many ways. I say it all the time. The best thing about social media, it gives everyone a voice.

he worst thing about social media, it gives everyone a voice. If you have an issue with someone, you have to go face-to-face with them, and that’s the only way anything ever gets settled.
Social media, once again, can be great because there are guys who can advertise whatever they’re doing. They can promote their abilities.

They can promote their promotions, whatever, those are great. But also, there’s so many people that get upset and angry and then that’s an easy way for them to lash out, and that’s an easy way for them to vent, but it’s the wrong route to take.

What do you think of Matt Hardy’s comments? Chime in.

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