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Arn Anderson Talks Reigns, Moxley, Rollins And More

Professional Wrestling Legend “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, who is currently the manager of TNT Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes in AEW, recently took to his ARN podcast to talk about top WWE Superstars Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, who made up one of the most dominating factions in WWE history, The Shield and who ended up becoming three of the top pro wrestlers in the business today.

Below are the highlights of The Enforcer’s recent ARN podcast:

On Roman Reigns:

“The very first time I saw the trio, it’s kind of hard not to look at Roman Reigns and go, ‘Damn, what a look. Then you saw him move and you go, ‘Damn, what an athlete.’ The fact that they had him positioned as the killer, he would get plugged in and shut everything down.”

On Jon Moxley:

“Then I would start to look at the other two – [Dean] Ambrose and what he brought to the table. My nickname to him to this day is crazy man, because you never knew what that guy was going to do. He was such a diversified all over the place type worker in a positive sense, he would just go out and just keep coming and doing things. The guys who could keep up with him ended up having a great match.”

On Seth Rollins:

“Seth [Rollins] is that guy that can put the battle plan together. He’s a wrestler’s wrestler. He thinks in terms of the big picture, how does he plug himself in at the right time, how do the other guys fit in. He was an architect. Each one brought something different. Roman was the steamroller, Ambrose you didn’t know what to expect, and the one that was in there regulating everything was Seth.”

On why WWE should let Seth Rollins simply be himself:

“A talent like Seth Rollins, how many times has he been a baby face or a heel? There’s a guy that’s a diamond. Just polish him up, you don’t need to try and change his chemical makeup. The Shield guys, you see how special Ambrose is being himself right now [in AEW]. When you got a race horse, let him run.”

You can check out Arn Anderson’s comments in the video below:

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1 Comment

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