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Jericho On Who He Would Like To Have Play Him In A Biopic

One of AEW’s top star “Le Champion” Chris Jericho recently took part in another edition of his Saturday Night Special Youtube series, where he was asked in a Q&A edition of his show by fans if he was ready for his match against Orange Cassidy this Wednesday at Fyter Fest.

Jericho said that despite the match already being taped, it’s one of the best matches he’s ever had. Jericho also said that when Orange Cassidy first came in AEW, he wasn’t a fan of his gimmick, but Cassidy really proved him wrong and Jericho realized that he is actually a great wrestler.

This is what Chris Jericho said:

“Yes, a little known fact it’s already been taped.” “We taped it last week. It’s one of the best matches I’ve ever had. Really, really enjoyed it. It’s definitely worth checking out. Orange is great. He really is. He’s a great performer and when first came into the business – I’ve heard about him, was not a fan because of his gimmick. I think he really proved me wrong. I realized, ‘Holy smokes, he is actually a great wrestler.’ Great performer. He did the unthinkable.”

“He definitely made it by doing something different. Like I said last week on Dynamite, the late Brian Pillman told me, ‘If you want to make it in wrestling, you have to do something that has never been done before.’ Orange did that. Congratulations. As soon as I pulled my head out of my a–, I realized this guy is unique. He’s different, he’s great, and I became a big fan. I really, really am excited for this Wednesday.”

Jericho then revealed that he would like to have actor Jonah Hill play him in a biopic.

This is what Chris Jericho said:

“Well, that’s obviously Jonah Hill.”

You can check out Chris Jericho’s full comments in the video below:

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