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Batman Themed AEW Dynamite This Wednesday

Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite will be a special Batman-themed show. Newsarama is reporting that All Elite Wrestling will take part in TNT’s Batweek. 

The week fans will see all the modern Batman films to air in a marathon on TNT. Also included in the movie marathon are Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.

TNT promised that “some BatWeek festivities” will be a part of All Elite Wrestlings Dynamite. This cross over event is not the first time there was a tie-in with Warner Media, which includes Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and DC Comics. Dynamite had a tie-in with Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty on a previous episode. 

One of the AEW stars will likely dress up as Batman on the show for sure. 

A WWE Hall of Famer DDP is slated to appear on AEW Dynamite this week. 

Programing schedule on TNT this week:

November 25th

8:00 PM ET/PT – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

11:15 PM ET/PT – Batman (1989)

November 26th

8:00 PM ET/PT – Batman Begins

10:45 PM ET/PT – Batman Returns

November 27th

5:30 PM ET/PT – Batman Returns

8:00 PM ET/PT – AEW Dynamite

10:00 PM ET/PT – The Lego Batman Movie

November 28th

12:00 p.m.-8:00 PM ET/PT – Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

8:00 PM ET/PT – The Dark Knight

11:30 PM ET/PT – Batman & Robin

November 29th

12 p.m.-8:00 PM ET/PT – Day After Thanksgiving Day Movie Marathon

8:00 PM ET/PT – Wonder Woman

11:00 PM ET/PT – Batman Forever

November 30th

12:30 PM ET/PT – Batman & Robin

3:00 PM ET/PT – Batman Returns

5:30 PM ET/PT – Batman Forever

8:00 PM ET/PT – Batman (1989)

10:45 PM ET/PT – The Dark Knight

December 1st

10:00 a.m. ET/PT – Batman Begins

1:00 PM ET/PT –The Dark Knight

4:30 PM ET/PT – The Dark Knight Rises

8:00 PM ET/PT – Suicide Squad

10:30 PM ET/PT – Suicide Squad

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