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CM Punk Talks About His Thoughts On Vince McMahon’s Retirement

Is it a case of “Ding Dong the witch is dead, get out of bed, the witch is dead!?” to borrow a line from the classic The Wizard of Oz? For CM Punk, who has quite the history, and a negative one at that, with Vince McMahon and company, it isn’t as cut and dry as all of that.

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We’re talking about a man who was fired on his wedding day for crying out loud (Punk), and if there is someone who understands the inner workings of WWE, it’s this man here. A disgruntled employee always knows how the company he’s disgruntled about works, and Punk hasn’t disappointed us here, giving insight on not only McMahon’s retirement, but also the Sasha Banks/Naomi situation.

So just what does the legendary CM Punk think about the whole Vince McMahon retirement thing? Well, as it turns out, he recently did an interview for the Absolute Geek Podcast and while on that show, he gave his thoughts on the matter:

“You think because he (McMahon) tweeted that ‘I’m retired’ that he’s not going to be hands-on, and he’s not gonna (run the show)?”…Sure, we all are (hopeful of a change), but I don’t think the structure there…what’s the word I’m looking for… I don’t think the culture there changes. At all. I think it is what it is…

I’ll put it to you like this – people are going to be real fu—g mad about this, but f–k it…Mercedes (Sasha Banks) and Trinity (Naomi) leave, and they announce on SmackDown that ‘Gosh darn, we’re so disappointed in them, they really let our fans down.’…Brock splits… comes back obviously, I think he worked the show (SmackDown), but where was Michael Cole saying ‘Man, Brock Lesnar really let these fans down?’…

I walked out, they went on TV and they called me a quitter. What’s changed? What’s the difference? You’re gonna attack these two poor f—-ing women because they kinda had enough and walked? They got bigger balls than everybody there. So what’s changed, you know? There’s nothing much that’s changed…

There’s people that talk about it and there’s people that do it. The people who lick the boots and have the audacity to go on live television and say that about those two women? They’re f—-ng cowards and bootlickers. That s–t is ridiculous. Why didn’t they do it for Brock? They did it for me, you know? I don’t know, it’s none of my business…”

via Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)
via Absolute Geek Podcast

He makes an incredibly valid point, and his opinions on the Sasha Banks/Naomi situation are insightful as well. As for Punk himself, he also gave some updates on his foot injury. According to PW Insider, Punk, who was present at the San Diego Comic Con, had some trouble walking around on his injured foot.

According to that same report he was also seen icing his leg a few times. The injury has reportedly led to his calf muscle now being affected, and the road to recovery is a frustrating one he said. Of course he is the AEW World Champion in an official capacity, but while he’s injured, Jon Moxley is the interim AEW World Champ. When the two square off is something many in the industry are waiting for with bated breath.

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