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Cody Rhodes Clears The Air On Whether He Left AEW Because Of CM Punk

Many wondered if Cody Rhodes leaving AEW had anything at all to do with CM Punk being present with the company, but he actually clears the air on that subject in a recent statement on social media.

Of course ever since the All Out media scrum in which CM Punk aired out some grievances to the press—specifically his grievances with the EVPs of the company…The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, he hasn’t been seen. For some though, one former EVP certainly comes to mind: Cody Rhodes.

CM Punk has since gotten the reputation of having been difficult with the company and difficult to work with; ever since reports started coming out that Jericho called him a cancer in the AEW locker room, but what about Cody? How does he feel about CM Punk.

Cody actually got in on a discussion on Twitter…fans were discussing the incident, essentially wondering why Cody left AEW, according to a report at, and he made the following statement:

“I didn’t leave because of the Bucks/Kenny. I’m forever bonded to those men over what we created and I remain very proud of it, and I didn’t leave because of/or have issues with Punk. We got along. Not money, not booking, just a personal issue and me wanting to go for the big one.”

via Twitter

Cody Rhodes is currently rehabbing from a pectoral injury he suffered shortly after his WWE return. He had a series of impeccable matches with Seth Rollins, one of which he wrestled with the aforementioned pectoral muscle tear, which he supposedly suffered while training.

via WWE /YouTube

He is expected to return at the Royal Rumble by many, and is also expected to potentially have a run at the Head of the Table himself, Roman Reigns. If this comes to fruition, it could certainly make for a great series of matches as well, and a great storyline to boot.

His reasons for leaving AEW are indeed quite clear by now. I even wrote a piece on the subject not too long ago. You can read it HERE.

But essentially, it’s as he stated in his comments above: He wanted a go at the biggest treasure in sports entrainment…that WWE title and the Universal Championship.

As for CM Punk, he seems to be done with AEW—especially since the investigation into the All Out fiasco is pretty much done, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. Many would hope that he too would have a run in WWE, but at this time, that as well is unknown.

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