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Cody Rhodes On Why He Is Not A Heel Or Babyface

At the beginning of AEW, Cody Rhodes has always played the babyface. Recently his character has started to change. In his match against Sonny Kiss, Cody removed the turnbuckle padding, a move that heels do. There have also been several other slight heels moves by is character.

He recently seems to be playing somewhere in the middle of a heel or babyface, potentially marking a turn in his character.

Cody, who is the current AEW TNT Champion, responded on Twitter to a comment from former WCW star Disco Inferno.

Inferno on whether Cody is a face or a heel

“Is Cody Rhodes a heel? This is like the old school angle where you have a list of worthy contenders and they are just a bunch of indy workers that don’t even work for the company. #warhorse.”

Cody responded and said he is neither

“I’m neither. I’m a competitor & a reigning champion. Tired old tropes are even more insulting to the viewer considering I’ve been on their TV since I was 20. It ain’t black and white, it hasn’t been in forever. Circumstances of the match dictate who we cheer for, beautiful thing.”

The TNT Champion is set to take on Warhorse on this Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

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