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Cody Rhodes Retirement Angle Comments—2point0 Going Full-Steam Ahead—Who Will Archer Face Next?

To say that the world of professional wrestling is in a boom period would be putting it mildly. With announcements of major releases from WWE and talent being acquired by AEW, pro wrestling is most definitely a whirlwind of news right now. In this piece, we’ll take a look at the retirement hinted at by Cody Rhodes and some statements he has made on the subject; a deeper look at 2point0 and how the characters they developed in NXT are still with them now in AEW, and finally, we’ll take a look at some comments made by Lance Archer regarding just who might be next for him to face.

Cody Rhodes comments on future reasons for retirement

As was reported by, the retirement angle is of course fictional. He needs some time off to film Go Big on TBS, so essentially he needed an out, and in pro wrestling, a retirement angle is always a good go-to for an out, so to speak. But the question was certainly brought up, many wondering…hey, when is Cody thinking about taking off those boots for real?

He made some comments while speaking to Inside The Ropes about that very idea:

“…I hope I change my mind, too, because my daughter will be four years old by the time I retire, basically, and I don’t know if that’s good enough…Like, eight years old, I could have a good match, and then I think she could be good with it. But it all depends on if my back holds up…”

– Cody Rhodes /Inside The Ropes

Apparently, he was thinking of retiring at 40 anyways, but now that has been obviously put off for a while, and that’s great news for AEW fans, that’s for sure.

2point0 in seamless transition from WWE to AEW

These gentlemen have indeed gone full steam ahead with the exact same characters they had as Ever-Rise on NXT, and I wouldn’t worry about copyright infringement, because they don’t seem to be worried in the very least.

They posted a new video on their YouTube channel (which seems to have launched about a month ago, after their WWE release or thereabouts), and they even had a few words from Impact Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo thrown into the final product (rack your weights, people!). This is perhaps something that wouldn’t have been possible while in WWE/NXT.

They were in full swing, acting in that comical way that worked for them over at NXT. On their YouTube channel, they often feature members of the AEW roster, all the while up to their old hilarious shenanigans. Worth your time if you want to check it out. They already have quite a few subscribers and views for such a young channel.

We hope that their gimmick serves them well here in AEW. 2point0 premiered just this past week on Dynamite to a great reaction from the crowd.

Who’s next for Lance Archer?

Archer answered some questions on Twitter, and the question came up as to who he will face next. Two answers specifically stood out:

His plans are indeed quite clear. Looks like we’ve got some pretty big matches to see in the near future, folks.

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