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Darby Allin on CM Punk’s 1st Order of Business in AEW—Ace Austin is New #1 Contender for Impact World Title

Darby Allin makes statements regarding CM Punk’s return and the challenge made to him by Punk for All Out on September 5th. In other news, Ace Austin defeated three other men at Emergence last night and will now face Christian Cage for Impact’s most coveted belt.

And at 24, will Ace Austin tie with Tessa Blanchard to become the youngest to ever hold that title—the youngest man?

As my colleagues here at Pro Wrestling News Hub are covering today, CM Punk made his most triumphant return to the world of professional wrestling last night on AEW Rampage, and it was an incredible moment to witness, both as a journalist and as a fan. In one fell swoop, CM Punk (Phil Brooks) took back his spot at the top of the business, and he picked up right where he left off.

Darby Allin set to face the returning legend, CM Punk

The goose bumps are still on my arms, and I had a whole night to think about what to write in this piece (as I knew I wanted to address this historic moment) and after all those hours, I’ve come up with nothing other than to say: he came back as if he never even missed a beat; as if he’d never left.

via AEW

It was certainly an historic moment, to state the obvious once more, and I want to throw congratulations out to CM Punk for doing something in pro wrestling that was thought to have been missing for years.

AEW is a strong product, and with Punk there now, there’s nothing that can stop them. Talk about a revitalization! And as he stated in his promo, he’s there to work with the younger guys…the pool of talent that AEW undoubtedly has.

Which of course brings us to Darby Allin: Punk challenged him to a match at All Out; Allin was in the rafters, standing next to the Icon, Sting, and he looked down with a little shake of the head, almost as if he couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe it either. I still can’t.

As was reported by Wrestling Inc, Allin made a statement regarding the challenge, after the show went off the air. He said:

“…I’m gonna keep this very brief…This (expletive) company changed my life. And after All Out, everybody will know my name. CM Punk — it’ll be an honor…”

via Darby Allin / AEW

Already getting famous in his own right in the industry, Darby is certainly right; CM Punk s bringing a level of legitimacy to AEW that they already had but needed a bit more of. Well…they got a lot more of it in Punk.

You don’t get more legitimate than the man that although was unhappy at WWE, accomplished incredible things with the company—historic things.

And now, it’s time to make history and change history…change just who is at the top of the food chain in pro wrestling.

Ace Austin New #1 Contender for Impact World Title

And Ace Austin is proving to be quite the contender over at Impact. I definitely see him on AEW TV in the future, and he deserves it. He’s been working at this for quite some time, having started in the business in 2015. He wrestled for Combat Zone Wrestling and even wrestled for the respected Anoa’i wrestling family’s Florida Promotion, World Extreme Wrestling. The Anoa’i family is of course Roman Reigns’ family, consisting of the Wild Samoans (as they were known in their day) and others. It is primarily run and was founded by Afa Anoa’i, Roman’s uncle, and one half of the aforementioned Wild Samoans (the other being Sika, Roman’s father).

Chris Van Vliet

What else Ace Austin deserves, is a title, and the Impact World Heavyweight title to boot, if you ask this writer.

This is an opportunity he was granted by his win against Moose, Sami Callihan, and Chris Sabin at Emergence last night.

Christian Cage retained his championship after he defeated Brian Myers last night as well.

The match has been made and will occur on September 18th on Impact Plus.

As has been reported by f4wonline, most of that show has already been recorded and is in the can, as they say, but this match has not as of yet been put down. They are set to record this World Title match at the tapings they have planned for the middle of next month.

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It’ll be very interesting to see if Austin can get ‘over’ and perhaps make a little history of his own.

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