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Eddie Kingston Says No One Is Better Than Him In AEW

Pro Wrestling Veteran Eddie Kingston has really made a name for himself in the wrestling business and in every promotion, he has gone to, most recently AEW, where he has now signed officially. Kingston has really shown what he is made of and what he can do on the mic and in the ring.

Eddie Kingston recently spoke with Bully Ray on Busted Open Radio where he said that he is the best in AEW and to be in the wrestling business you need a little bit of an ego. He also said that he is not gonna sit there and tell everyone that Moxley, Omega, and Hangman are better than him. Kingston then said that no one is better than him and that is the attitude he has to have.

This is what Eddie Kingston said:

“It feels good, but the ego in me goes, ‘Yeah, I know I’ve been the best’. When people hear that, they think I’m an egomaniac.” “You need a little bit of an ego to be in this business. I’m not going to sit here and tell you Jon [Moxley], Kenny [Omega], Hangman [Adam Page] are better than me. No one is better than me – that’s the attitude I have to have. If I’m going to survive and survive as long as I have in wrestling, I have to believe I’m the best.”

“I have to believe I’m the best promo guy and I’m the best in the ring. The day that I wake up and I believe I can’t kick somebody’s a– is the day I don’t get up. My father taught me that as a young man. Every man bleeds, every man can get beat up. So if I wake up one day and I say to myself, ‘Well I can’t kick nobody’s a–‘, then I’m just not going to get up on my bed.”

Kingston then talked about seeing his father bust his a– in the union his whole life also seeing his father go hungry, but his brother and his mom never went hungry. Eddie Kingston also talked about his father doing everything to make sure his family was safe and loving his family, so he did what he had to do, which is why Kingston needs to do what he has to do as well and that is pro wrestling.

This is what Eddie Kingston said:

“I saw my father bust his a– in the union his whole life.” “I’ve seen my father go hungry, but my brother and mom never went hungry. I saw my father do overtime after overtime just to make sure we were good and the family was safe. I come from that background, so if you love something– my dad didn’t love his job. He loved his family, so he did what he had to do.”

“I love pro wrestling, so I’m going to do what I have to do. If people enjoy it and want to get behind me, cool, that’s great. If they don’t, then move out the way. I don’t have time or energy for people trying to bring me down. People go, ‘Where have you been for the past 18 years?’ I let other people bring me down and I let myself bring me down, so I’m going to keep doing my thing. If you want to join the bandwagon and be an Eddie Kingston stan, awesome, good for you. Welcome. If you don’t, move, move or I move you, because for 18 years, I’ve stopped myself and I wasted my energy and I let other people bring me down. No more. Especially during this pandemic. I need to eat.”

Eddie Kingston then talked about who he goes to advice for in AEW as they have great minds in wrestling.

This is what Eddie Kingston said:

“First person is Taz.” “For those who don’t know, I was a huge ECW mark. If it wasn’t for ECW, I wouldn’t be in pro wrestling right now. As I was over it at the time, Bret Hart was a legit shooter. How can he lose to Shawn Michaels? I’m done.”

“I was also becoming a teenager, so I don’t [like] any of the cartoon stuff. Here comes ECW with half-naked women, guys bleeding everywhere beating each other up. I said, ‘Well, I’m into this. I’m loving the characters I can relate to.’ So yeah, Taz is definitely one of the first people I go to, and of course you got Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard there. You have Jake Roberts. How do you not try to pick his brain for psychology reasons, and how to tap into people and really get people by the throat? There’s so many veterans. It’s ridiculous how many fans there are. I’m unbelievably blessed.”

Eddie Kingston then talked about now he has been given a chance to perform in the level he has been performing in, he’s confidence level is really high.

This is what Eddie Kingston said:

“There were moments where I just went, ‘Welp, I’m just not good enough. It is what it is’. Now, as we get closer and the minutes go by, my confidence builds up and I go, ‘I knew I was going to be here. I knew at some point someone would take a chance on me’ – I used to say that earlier in my career. All I need is a chance, just give me a chance and let me go. If you like it, great. If you don’t, it is what it is. At least you gave me a chance.”

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