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FTR Address Their Love Of ‘Pro Wrestling’ In Statement Regarding Indie Bookings Moving Forward

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have been wrestling as a tag team since 2014, but it was way before that that they became friends. They wrestled on the indie circuit and in 2012, Harwood got a WWE contract. Two years later, Wheeler would join the fold as well.

Their time in WWE has been well documented, but a quick refresher I guess would do well to prove the point of this piece, and to further drive the point home that FTR themselves wanted to drive home to anyone paying attention with their posted message online: Legacy is important to both men, and the leaving behind of said legacy is what they have on their minds moving forward.

via WWE /YouTube

Perhaps in the end, that is why a painter picks up the paint brush; why a writer picks up the quill; why a singer/songwriter picks up the guitar or piano, and why the actor talks to him/herself in the mirror. The point of it all: To be remembered…to be talked about and heralded for generations to come.

With this post and mission statement, if you will, FTR endear themselves to fans that call pro wrestling a sport, and not at all entertainment.

To get back to the point, it was as The Revival that these two men dominated in NXT and WWE. They also became the cohorts of one Shane McMahon at one point, and in so doing cemented for themselves quite the WWE run. It is in AEW that they have dominated and as their AAA tag championships prove, they are intent on making history in the process dabbling in other promotions. This following statement proves that even further:

“All Cash and myself have ever wanted to do is wrestle; but JUST wrestling isn’t enough. We’ve talked on countless interviews about how important leaving a legacy is to the two of us. When speaking of ‘legacy’, it’s not just a buzz word; we absolutely mean it. To leave that legacy, and to prove we’re what all of our heroes and peers say, we have to wrestle the best teams in the world. At the end of the day, when it’s all over, we want all of our fans to proudly be able to say ‘FTR was the best.’

In saying that, we’ve decided to take a select few independent bookings. Our agent handling our wrestling match bookings will be completely separate from our agent who handles our appearance bookings. We will work closely with that agent and the specific promoter to pick the best teams to wrestle, so we can put on the best matches for the fans.

We LOVE wrestling and we’re extremely excited about the match possibilities we can have in the future. Cash & I hope we can continue to build on the legacy we’ve carved out for ourselves.


via Dax Harwood on Twitter

Their tag team reigns include NXT tag Championship reigns, Raw Tag Team Championship reigns and a SmackDown Championship reign. In AEW, they have held the AEW Tag Team Championship and in AAA the AAA World Tag Team Championship.

And according to the aforementioned statement made on Twitter, they plan on procuring many more championships moving forward, thus cementing that also aforementioned legacy even further.

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