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Is “Johnny Wrestling” AEW-Bound?—Rhodes Promises ‘still no AEW World Title’—AJ Lee Back in the Saddle

In an interesting turn of events, according to, NXT’s Johnny Gargano changed his Twitter Bio. What once said: “WWE NXT Wrestler,” now says quite simply: “pro wrestler.”

He hasn’t wrestled very much as of late. Many are wondering if this doesn’t mean that he will be leaving the company any time soon.

And if he’s leaving the company, the only question that’s left to be asked is: Will there be a place for him in AEW?

Too early to tell, for sure, but the rumor mill is certainly starting to wind up.

Also according to the report (link above), his contract will be expiring in December, which is even earlier than Kevin Owens’ contract expiration date, which comes at the end of January. He too has been rumored to be on the way to AEW.

via Beyond Wrestling /YouTube

To see Johnny in AEW would be a treat, although the roster is filling up pretty quickly. It would seem to anyone paying attention that if they (wrestlers currently under contract in WWE) plan on moving, it needs to be soon before the town just simply becomes too small for everyone deserving to be there.

The result reminds me of the influx of talent that herded into WWE after the acquisition of WCW’s library and roster of wrestlers in 2001. There weren’t enough story lines or attention for everybody and many got buried.

Maybe it’s time for AEW to start thinking about the formation of another brand—perhaps even segregation—if they haven’t already.

But to see Johnny Gargano and his wife, Candice LeRae in AEW would be a pleasant surprise for anyone who loves wrestling.

Cody Rhodes sticks to his guns

After losing to Chris Jericho in 2020, Rhodes at the time promised that he would never challenge anybody for the AEW World Title again. Contrary to many in pro wrestling, Cody intends to keep his word, or so he told

“…This will disappoint so many and maybe it won’t, maybe this will excite, but two things I can guarantee you, and I’m not saying this to wave one hand while you’re not looking at the other. I’m telling this from the most honest standpoint: I am not going to turn heel on this company…I would retire before I did that. Now I’m the head of the community outreach group. I have a little girl now…and I’m not going back on my word to challenge for the title. That stuff was real. It hurts. It is a large regret that that ever happened, but it did happen and I can live with it. And I got to do that dance with Chris Jericho, and I will not go back on that stipulation…If Tony wanted to change things he could. And again, you can never say never in wrestling…”


AJ Lee returns to wrestling in some capacity

According to, AJ Mendez (formerly AJ Lee in WWE) will return to wrestling, although in a producer and analyst capacity, for WOW (Women of Wrestling). She was present at a press conference held this week. The promotion, which started in 2000, was dormant, according to Wikipedia, all the way to 2012, when it re-launched that year on The CW.

Later, in 2018, they aired on AXS TV, but they were dropped when Anthem Sports & Entertainment (who owns Impact), bought that network. They’ve been since looking for an official home, and now this epic news comes for fans.

via Mainly Wrestling /YouTube

Jeanie Buss, owner of WOW, had this to say about their new television home:

“Wrestling’s presentation of women has long been very important to me, and we now are presenting the epitome in sports entertainment that will highlight the athleticism of these superstars as we reintroduce WOW. Our partnership with the entire ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group family allows us to continue our mission of providing wrestling fans and WOW Superheroes what they have all deserved: a global platform for a dedicated women’s wrestling league.”

via ET

And ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group president, Dan Cohen, said this of acquiring the promotion as one of their programs, thus the right to air episodes:

“We are thrilled to partner with Jeanie Buss and David McLane to create a significant global footprint for WOW and expand our diverse, world-class content portfolio. This series offers audiences unique, compelling and creative entertainment that features female ‘superheroes’ in the ring, behind the cameras and in all aspects of the business. Both in the U.S and abroad, we believe this is an event program that will make some noise in the marketplace.”

via ET /

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Tessa Blanchard is also set to wrestle for the promotion. She attended the press conference, which can be seen above.

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