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Jim Ross Talks AEW Possibly Adding Six-Man Tag Team Titles

All Elite Wrestling Senior Advisor and Commentator “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross recently took an episode of his Grilling JR podcast, where he talked about All Elite Wrestling possibly adding the Six-Man Tag Team Titles to their championships. Jim Ross said the Six-Man Tag Team Titles were a kiss of death to the WCW during the time they had them because they were booked so poorly. Ross also said if All Elite Wrestling wanted to have Six-Man Tag Team Champions, then it will happen, but they would have to book it better.

This is what Jim Ross said:

“The six-man titles were a kiss of death.” “It’s like giving somebody a title like the cruiserweight title because cruiserweight’s have been marketed so poorly along with the junior heavyweight title which I’m partial to. There’s certain things that in today’s world, they’re just not going to accept.”

“I shudder to think that if AEW wanted to have six-man tag champions, and I think that will happen. I’m guessing, I don’t know this because we’re so tag team heavy. Adding another guy to someone else’s duo is more doable because we have so many tag teams that are getting regular T.V. exposure.”

JR then talked about the legendary Rhodes family and the legacy they left behind, and that the legacy can still be seen with Dustin and Cody Rhodes to this day.

This is what Jim Ross said:

“You’re either going to love the Rhodes family and legacy and all that, or you’re not.” “I think that goes for anyone. Dustin and Cody still to this day to a certain degree, have got to continue to move out of the shadow of their great father.”

Jim Ross then talked about how Dustin and Cody’s match at AEW’s Double or Nothing was one of the best matches he has ever called, and that it was a god damn classic and it would stand the test of time in any era he has worked in.

This is what Jim Ross said:

“The son of a gun is 50 something years old, he’s still good.” “Whether I work one more year or five more years, I’m going to be hard pressed to have a match that I invested more emotion in that I liked calling more than Dustin and Cody. I thought it was a god damn classic. It’s the epitome of a personal issue, brother vs. brother. I thought that match would stand the test of time in any era I’ve worked in.”

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