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Jungle Boy On How His Relationship With Anna Jay Started, Their Photo

AEW Star Jungle Boy recently appeared on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, where he spoke about where he sees his professional wrestling career going from here on out, how his and fellow AEW Star’s Anna Jay’s relationship started and the photo he posted of himself and Anna Jay that went viral.

Below are the highlights:

On where he sees his professional wrestling career going from here on out:

“I think I’d like to continue on the same path I’ve been on. I think in terms of the stuff in the ring, I think I’ve gotten a lot better than the beginning. I think a lot of that is working obviously with people who are a lot better. It’s cool to feel them mold you, shape you, and help you. The one thing is the promo cutting. I hate it. It’s something that I never wanted to do, and I kind of made it a point not to do it, so I got by without it. Now when I have to do it, or they tell me I have to do it, I want to run away and hide somewhere. It’s just so not my style. It’s just not my thing. It’s getting to the point that at some point I have to buckle down and get to it. At some point coming soon, I guess, I’ll get on that.”

On how his and fellow AEW Star’s Anna Jay’s relationship started:

“I feel like it’s not as cute as you’d want it to be.” “It was a weird year, very strange. I think she came in at a time where I was at home for a couple of months, they weren’t bringing people from California and she lived in Georgia, so she got in the fold somehow. And then when I came back, she was there. I met her thanks to Joey Janela, playing beer pong at a company BBQ. Joey asked me to be his partner and we played against her and Allen Angels.”

“We were playing beer pong, but I could see some googly eyes over there a little bit. I was like ‘okay, that’s interesting.’ And I remember later that night, Sonny Kiss actually coming up to me, kind of grinning, saying ‘I need to tell you something.’ I’m like ‘I already know.’ We kind of just started hanging out. It was strange because I’d see her once every two weeks because of the taping schedule. It was like a weird way to get to know someone I felt like. We’re also at work and there’s a lot going on. It was cool. We got to know each other and all that. And then, you know how these things go kind of, one thing turned to another and somehow here we are.”

On the photo he posted of himself and Anna Jay that went viral:

“I had that picture for a minute, I was sitting on it.” “I knew it was going to go out at some point. I remember waiting, I actually didn’t want to put it out before I wrestled Kenny Omega because I didn’t want anything to take away from the match I was going to have as I was stoked about that.”

“We took that the night of Double or Nothing after I won the battle royal. And then yeah, after I wrestled Kenny, I felt like I just had one of the best matches of my life with one of the best wrestlers in the world, so I thought, ‘right now, I might as well (post the picture).”

You can check out Jungle Boy’s entire Oral Sessions podcast episode in the tweet below:

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