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Wrestling Legend, Dominic DeNucci Passes On—Will Rampage Always Have 4 Announcers?—DDP Comments On Darby Allin

The news just keeps on coming in the world of professional wrestling and although today, we do have some news and gossip, we also have a terrible piece of sad news in the loss of one of the squared circle’s most legendary wrestlers and trainers…wrestling icon, Dominic DeNucci.

DeNucci’s final bell

As was reported by f4wonline, the legendary Dominic DeNucci passed away at the age of 89. DeNucci, a native of Venice, Italy, started wrestling in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

He made his way through Australia’s WCW in the sixties and wrestled in WWE, then WWWF, for many years until the eighties in fact.

He is also known for being the trainer of such stars as Shane Douglas and of course Mick Foley, who was his most successful student overall.

Our condolences go out to his family.

Tony Khan speaks on Rampage’s 4-man announce team

It had been previously announced that on Rampage, which is premiering tonight on TNT at 10pm, Taz, Chris Jericho, Excalibur and of course, Mark Henry, would be the four-man announce team calling all the action, which seemed like a lot of men for one show. In reality, though, I’m quite positive that no one was displeased, as it will be awesome to hear those men speaking as the action unfolds. An announce team is extremely important—the proper announce team, that is.

As was reported by Wrestling Inc, it would seem that in comments made by Tony Khan, a four-man team won’t always be the case moving forward, as he plans to give at least two out of the four aforementioned men, quite a few other things to do. His statements are from his appearance on Busted Open:

“…Well it’s going to be a four man booth for part of the show, but it’s not exactly…It’s not always going to be a four man booth. We are going to have four hosts to the show…I think (Mark’s) a great host, a great interviewer. So I’m going to have Mark roving. He’s going to stay on his toes, cause I think he’ll be out there with the guys and calling some of the action. But also we’ll call Mark into duty and he’ll do interviews, some sit downs. And we’ll get different perspectives from Mark, so he’ll be all over the place during the show. And we’ll get a lot of face time and hear from him a lot…There will be times where I think it will be a three man booth…There might be other times where Jericho would be wrestling and Mark would be in the booth. And I think there will be times it’ll be a three man booth and times it’ll be a four man booth. But we really have four hosts to the show, is how I’d say it…”

via: Busted Open

DDP speaks on Darby Allin

These statements were made by wrestling legend DDP on the It’s My House Podcast:

“I love Darby. He’s a great kid. He’ll call me up if he’s coming into town. He’s a bigger risk taker than Jeff Hardy, and that says something. The difference between (them), is one is straight edge and ones not. I think Jeff Hardy is just an unbelievable athlete. I just… I don’t know how he’s still being able to do the (expletive) he’s able to do. But, he’s still in his 40s. And you really don’t feel this (expletive) until you start getting in your 50s, and when you get in your 60s. That’s when you feel your shoulders, your knees, your back, your neck…Darby is someone who puts the work in, and does everything he can to reverse the risk, taking (what) he does. But, he doesn’t even need to do that (expletive) anymore. He could do a coffin drop here and there, he could do like one or two high spots a match…Darby really knows how to wrestle; Darby knows how to sell. And the people love him! They love him, and getting the rub from the (expletive) icon, Sting – You don’t get a better rub than that…” 

via: It’s My House Podcast /eWrestling News (Transcription)

High praise indeed.

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