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Kevin Kelly Joins AEW Broadcast Team As Roster Sees Updates

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) continues to evolve its roster with the latest updates to its talent line-up. Amidst the recent shift in personnel featuring both departures and new arrivals, a significant addition to the AEW broadcast team has been confirmed.

Kevin Kelly, a respected voice in the world of professional wrestling, is the newest member to join the AEW broadcast team. This update is clearly reflected on the AEW roster page, which consistently tracks who’s in and who’s out in the company’s various divisions. Kelly’s journey in AEW began as the lead announcer for AEW: Collision, a position now held by the acclaimed Tony Schiavone. Despite the change, Kelly remains an integral part of the broadcast lineup which includes heavy hitters like Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness.

The announcement of Kelly’s transition into AEW’s fold comes on the heels of his recent departure from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) on November 13. With his storied background in commentary and wrestling knowledge, Kelly is expected to bring a fresh perspective to AEW’s televised and pay-per-view events.

The AEW broadcast team as listed on the official roster page is an array of diverse talents, from the seasoned commentary of Jim Ross to the ring announcing prowess of Justin Roberts. Joining Kelly on this elite squad are Alex Abrahantes, Alex Marvez, Alvaro Riojas, Dasha Gonzalez, Excalibur, Ian Riccaboni, Lexy Nair, Mark Henry, Nigel McGuinness, Renee Paquette, Taz, and Tony Schiavone, all of whom contribute to the unique auditory experience AEW fans have come to appreciate.

In addition to the update on Kelly, the AEW roster page noted the removal of certain talents such as Brock Anderson and The Bunny, indicating their departure from the company. Contrasting these exits are the exciting new inclusions like the Gates of Agony, the Righteous, Dralistico, and Mariah May, each ready to make their mark in AEW’s dynamic arena.

While the roster experiences these transformations, fans eagerly anticipate events like Survivor Series 2023. For those desiring to share the excitement with fellow enthusiasts, the WrestleTalk Survivor Series Watch Party beckons. Hosted at the Long Arm Sports Bar & Pub in London, the event promises a captivating environment for fans to unite, with tickets rapidly becoming a hot commodity.

Stay tuned as AEW’s roster continues to reshape and redefine the landscape of professional wrestling, with new talents arriving and others taking their leave. The constant is the superior entertainment AEW promises to deliver, with Kevin Kelly now joining that esteemed troupe that brings the action to life for fans across the globe.

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