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Miro Talks About Meeting Pac On Dynamite Debut In New Video

Former WWE Star Rusev (who is now known as Miro) recently made his AEW debut on Dynamite when “Superbad” Kip Sabian revealed him to be Sabian’s best man for his upcoming wedding with Penelope Ford.

After being introduced by Sabian, Miro made his way down to the ring to speak and said he has been in the same house (WWE) for ten years and that he never broke through the glass ceiling. Miro also said that his former employer (Vince McMahon) can take the famous “brass ring” and shove that brass ring up his ass.

A few hours after his debut on AEW Dynamite, Miro released a video on his YouTube channel, saying that he meant every word he said in his promo on Dynamite and that for 10 years, he was constantly told about an imaginary brass ring. Miro also said that this was not just a promo, but his actual feelings.

Just recently, Miro released a new video on his YouTube channel, talking about which stars in AEW he met backstage on the day of his debut on Dynamite. One name that Miro constantly mentioned was fellow former WWE Star Neville (who is now known as PAC).

Despite both being former WWE talents, Miro expressed his frustrations on PAC, saying that PAC tore his bicep and that he is done with him and he is not working with PAC anymore.

Miro was reportedly referring to a real incident that occurred on an episode of Main Event back in 2015 when he suffered a bicep injury while facing PAC in singles action. It should be noted that Miro sometimes mixes jokes and reality, but it seems that this time what was said was factual.

This is what Miro said:

“I met a lot of cool people for the first time ever after my All Elite Wrestling debut. Eddie Kingston, The Lucha Bros, and so many more. Everyone was so friendly during the AEW Dynamite taping.”

“PAC already tore my bicep. I’m not working with him anymore. I’m done with him. I’m not working with PAC anymore.”

You can check out Miro’s comments in the video below:

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