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Renee Paquette on AEW’s Momentum—Owens and Zayn in AEW?—What Christian vs. Alexander Means for Impact

Long-time professional wrestling analyst and commentator, Renee Paquette has an opinion on why the WWE Championship changed hands; retired referee, Jimmy Korderas thinks that Kevin Owens at Sami Zayn in AEW would definitely be a positive for their respective careers, and just how big is the Impact World Champion Christian Cage vs. X Division Champion, Josh Alexander match projected to be?

Renee Paquette on Big E’s push

via WWE /YouTube

According to recent statements she made on Busted Open radio, Renee Paquette thinks that Big E’s recent push has a lot to do with the success of AEW…a company that is gaining considerable steam n the professional wrestling war ignited since AEW’s own inception in 2019. She said of this:

“It just makes me so happy…I’ve never heard anybody say a bad thing about the dude. It’s been, I guess you can call it, a slow burn for Big E. You get that huge payoff in him cashing in that Money in the Bank contract and becoming WWE Champion. But what I love about it is the organic way that Big E’s career has gone…It’s time to just, as they used to say, ‘strap that rocket on to him and shoot him off.’ That trajectory is just going to keep going. If we are talking, and we want to get into ratings and blah, blah, blah, I think Big E could be that guy to really help to push WWE Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, wherever he decides that he wants to show up…I think that you can definitely look back and analyze it in that light, especially given the tweet ‘heads up, I’m going to be cashing in tonight.’ We’ve never seen somebody make that kind of announcement and telegraph exactly when they were going to be cashing in like that to get eyes over there…So yeah, I do think that there was more of a business side behind making that moment, especially doing it on Monday Night RAW. Who knows where Big E is going to continue to kind of show up? But yeah, I definitely think that was a bit of, I don’t want to say a knee jerk reaction, but as you see AEW nipping at the heels of WWE, they got to start making some bigger moves. And they’ve got to start making fans happy. So you give them Big E, that’s going to make people happy…”

via Busted Open

Once again proving that she is one of the greatest thinkers in the world of professional wrestling, many can deduce that she’s right on the money; a safe bet if you ask me, would be to trust Paquette’s intuition.

Jimmy Korderas on Owens and Zayn in AEW

And it was on an episode of Wrestling Inc Daily with Nick Hausman, that former WWE referee sat down and stated what he felt about the recent rumors that Kevin Owens could be heading over to AEW to join his long-time friends, The Young Bucks and Adam Cole (who recently signed with AEW) come January when his contract with WWE is up. Also added to this speculation was what if Sami Zayn just so happened to be able to go as well…what then? On the topics, Korderas stated:

“I think a lot of it is the allure that AEW seems to be the place where guys have the creative freedom …as Steve Austin used to say it, Stone Cold turned up to 12. Imagine Kevin Owens turned up to a 12, or Sami Zayn turned up to a 12? We’ve already seen Daniel Bryan drop the F bomb. Even when he dropped it, I went, oh, okay, that’s a little different. The only challenge for AEW now is they only have a finite amount of time, three hours of television a week to showcase these talents. Yes, they have their YouTube shows, but it’s not the same as television…”

via Wrestling Inc Daily

What does the announced Impact World Championship match have in store for the future of Impact?

As you may already know, dear readers, Alexander went for “Option C,” after the events of Victory Road unfolded this weekend, which legally allows him to vacate the X Division Championship, so he can challenge the Impact World Title holder…Christian.

Many would say that the Impact title isn’t as important as some of the lower echelon titles in two of the major companies in the business, but there is a well-documented history that would prove that to be an unfound statement.

via Impact /Twitter

Impact wrestling will have been around for 20 years in 2022, and in those years, they’ve generated a lot of steam that yeah, failed many times and lost momentum, but they seem to be doing things a lot differently over there as of late, and the money they do have, they seem to be spending wisely.

via Impact /YouTube

What helped the company recently a lot was of course the Forbidden Door and of course the arrival of Kenny Omega. But when Christian won that belt after his own return to the ring, it seemed that the future was what Impact was looking to…and if Christian has defeated three so far in Impact…Omega to get the title and two title defenses thus far (Myers and Ace Austin)…then the perfect way to lose it, would be to drop it to a young star that Impact is seriously pushing as of late.

Alexander, who can certainly be compared to the likes of Kurt Angle and early Rick Steiner, has the makings of a great champion…as he’s worn that X Division title very well. And recently, he announced his being able to quit his day job, which in the Arts and in sports isn’t always easy…so he must know something that we don’t after all. (Champions obviously make more dough in this industry.)

This title match will decide how Impact’s future is to go moving forward…and once the torch is passed, perhaps Christian can go back to trying to get that AEW title.

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Who knows? All I know for sure is that this match should be spectacular and what hangs in the balance is the future of Impact. The match will be taking place at Bound For Glory on Saturday, October 23rd, live on PPV.

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